The Ataribox is Coming… and Nobody Cares

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Let me get this out-of-the-way first, I have a hard time believing the Ataribox is a real thing. Announced in a vague and bare bones press release back in June the company promised ‘more’ details in the future in anticipation of the system’s release in the spring of 2018. Well preorders officially open tomorrow (on Indiegogo of all places) and we know virtually nothing about the Ataribox. No details on specs, games, controllers – nothing. All we have are a few vague details and the fact that it will come in two color variants, which when you are expecting gamers to not only drop serious cash on your device but also invest in a brand that has not been relevant since the 1980’s, well you have a recipe for a disaster."

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Valkron1313d ago

I’m in! Unchartered 4 was just a rip off of Pitfall 2 anyways!

JaguarEvolved313d ago

"it's hard to care when you don't even know what the damn thing can do..."

I'm buying it day one

gangsta_red313d ago

Pretty sure that was a joke, not a troll attempt.

Vectrexer312d ago

Dude not a troll attempt just making a humorous observation!

specialguest312d ago

Do you even know what Pitfall 2 is or ever seen Pitfall 2 on an Atari system? He's comparing Pitfall 2 which is a simplistic game with very crude graphics to UC4 and it should be obvious that it was a joke. You people throw the word troll around too easily

Cyro311d ago

Not being able to tell it's a joke. 10/10

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sprinterboy312d ago

Pitfall was awesome buddy, I got your /s

Lightning Mr Bubbles312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I'm intrigued, but I don't know anything about it. I kind of think it might not be real, because you're suppose to pre-order something you know nothing about? And then pre-orders were delayed. I don't know, it just seems fishy.

Tanseeker312d ago

I know, right?! I've always had a gripe with Gran Turismo ripping off Enduro also.

Vectrexer312d ago

True but Enduro ripped off night driver lol...
Enduro has stood the test of time it's a fun game to play to this day!

Eidolon312d ago

Because the ropes and the jumping and jungle themes? I get why you chose UC4, because the ropes :). But any Atari game would bored the crap out of me, games back then were mostly arcade, now games have immersive gameplay experiences.

Eidolon311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Tetris - boring, pong - boring, pac-man, boring, Pitfall- boring. Only fun- and you can say that about any arcade game ever- is beating scores.

mcstorm312d ago

@Valkron1 Pitfall 2 wow now that's going back.

Knushwood Butt311d ago

I don't remember Pitfall 2, bit Uncharted was definitely a rip of Pitfall.

deafdani311d ago

Man, all those disagrees. It baffles the mind how people can be so sorely lacking in a sense of humor. Or sarcasm detection capabilities, for that matter.

Anyway, back on topic: I'm in, too! Gran Turismo was just a rip off of Pole Position anyways!

starsi360311d ago

Unchartered? Was that a game about a rogue aeroplane or something?

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lptmg313d ago

it's hard to care when you don't even know what the damn thing can do...

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PhoenixUp313d ago

Who cares about the Atari of today anyway?

The modern "Atari" is essentially a trading name for what is — or was — Infogrames (who acquired rights to the name and some IP in the early 2000s). It has little connection with the original Atari Inc., creators of the VCS console, arcade games, and home computers. It's open to question when the "true" Atari died- following the 1983 video game crash, its arcade and computer divisions were sold separately as legally new companies to new owners (Atari Games and Atari Corp), but with some continuity of business and products. However, both are now defunct; Atari Games was later renamed by Midway who then shut down their entire arcade division. Atari Corp basically threw in the towel after the failure of the Jaguar console and their merger of convenience with hard drive manufacturer, JTS, in the mid-90s; their name and IP were sold off separately and later ended up in Infogrames hands.

"Atari" later re-emerged from bankruptcy, only with a staff of 10 people. It was then revealed that they blocked TxK from porting to other platforms. Their line-up of games as of late also received mediocre to poor ratings. They don’t have much attention nowadays for a reason.

Vectrexer312d ago

I care about Atari in purely a nostalgic retro frame of mind.

I remember when I first beheld combat for the Atari 2600 that forever changed how I gamed.

UltraNova312d ago

Yeah the 2600 was my first gaming experience at age 5. It was remarkable, I couldn't stop playing it. Remember that game where you tried to guide a rabbit I think it was across the highway? Haha I've spent countless hrs on it.

New atari? Day 1!

rainslacker311d ago

Have to agree here. I have a 2600 and almost every game that was released for it. It's a thing in my collection, but not one I highly prize. It's cool to sometimes throw in a game to see how far we've come.

Segata312d ago

Not to mention the only nostalgia people have of Atari is of a console from 1977. After that, they never made anything people really cared about. They contributed to the 1983 Crash and Nintendo and SEGA stepped into the ring and Atari quickly became a memory.

uth11312d ago

Atari changed hands twice back in the day too. By 1984 it bore little resemblance to the Nolan Bushnell Atari.

To say Atari is just a name now.. well that was true back then too

XiNatsuDragnel313d ago

I want it so bring it on baby plz support this bring more competition

Zero_Suit_Samus312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

We have the big 3 and that’s enough. Two of which I have interest in. Xbox I could care less about until changes happen.

Cyro311d ago

Just goes to show how little you know what the Ataribox is.

Eidolon311d ago

Competition? XD. I don't think he even knows what Atari was. Dude, this is not a new console, it's a revamp and in no way will compete with MS, Nintendo, or Sony.

gangsta_red313d ago

This thing has the shadiness of the Gizmondo all over it.

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