Square Enix Boss Promises to Continue Evolving the Final Fantasy Series

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda promises more evolution for the Final Fantasy franchise, that is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

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FallenAngel1984307d ago

I wonder if they’ll make a sequel to World of Final Fantasy

NecrumOddBoy307d ago

When is this game coming to switch?

NewMonday307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

it would be amazing if they do FF a game with Team Ninja like Nioh

one of the best FF games is FF Tactics, it was a spin-off made in partnership with the developers of Ogre Battle. somthing as amazing as that can be made with a partnershp between SE and Team Ninja.

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inxine306d ago

welllllllllll, i dont know if it's a sequel,but there is a mobile game coming out for japan

FullmetalRoyale306d ago

They announced one for mobile a few weeks back. Believe me, I’m more disappointed than you are.

FallenAngel1984305d ago

@ Necrum

When ya gonna stop port begging. It’ll arrive when it arrives

@ New

Team Ninja is currently developing Final Fantasy: Dissidia NT.

_-EDMIX-_305d ago

The way the world of Final Fantasy ended it very much leaves room for a sequel.

With them releasing it on PC it's clear that it probably did good enough for them to consider one if they're not already working on it.

FinalFantasyFanatic305d ago

I would buy it's sequel in a heartbeat if it's as good as the first.

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PhoenixUp307d ago

I don’t believe I saw Square Enix show Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary as much attention.

franwex306d ago

I think it doesn't sell as much, so there is not much to milk. It is a pretty traditional RPG series after all.
But you are correct. Maybe a limited edition re-release or something.

inxine306d ago

yeaaa, DQ is more of a Japan fan favourite.

rainslacker306d ago

I hope it evolves in a more positive way than the last two SP games have. Neither was particularly bad, but it felt like it lost a sort of magic that the prior one's did. They were enjoyable enough when you didn't hold them in comparison to the pedigree of the titles before them.

I think instead of evolving the FF series, I'd like to see SE take the mainline games more back to their roots. Not so much the turn based structure, as that doesn't bother me much, but rather, making it feel like a FF game. A FF game is much more than throwing in some Chocobo's and a protagonist with some weather related name. It's a world that feels complete, real, living, and has heroes that have a reason for doing what they're doing that is relatable other than just them happening to be the heroes of the game.

TheOttomatic91306d ago

Question what the hell would FF 16 be?

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