Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Isn't Pulling Me Like XCX Did

Alejandro Balderas writes:
"But for those of us that have been there and done that with the first XC, the experience isn’t so fresh. To borrow a phrase from a friend, “XC2 is chasing a ghost.” That ghost is the experience of the first Xenoblade Chronicles, with its mystifying setting on the back of gods and theological currents of thought underlying every plot twist. The shonen storyline is here again. The grassy plains, the snowy tundra, the massive lakes – these are all here, too.

XCX didn’t chase that ghost. It accepted itself for what it was: a post-Earth space opera in which the survival of humankind was the only thing that mattered. Because of this, I accepted it more easily, too."

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PhoenixUp310d ago

Well of course something titled Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would closer try to closer emulate Xenoblade Chronicles than Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Prince_TFK309d ago

Correct. I have to say that I am really enjoying this game so far. It has so much charm.

FallenAngel1984310d ago

I’m just surprised at how the critical reception was received for both games.

While Xenoblade Chronicles was hailed as one of the best RPGs of its time, both Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 while also well received weren’t able to critically exceed the original game.

kevnb309d ago

Going back as far as I can remember western reviewers often get it really wrong when reviewing long Japanese rpgs.

EddieNX 310d ago

Loving XC2 so far! All three are just too drawer JRPG's and reason alone to buy the console they're on.

FullmetalRoyale309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I’ve never played a Xenoblade game before, and I’m loving Chronicles 2. Technical issues aside(which is probably why it was able to release so quickly)it is an engrossing game. I love the characters, story, and the world. So glad I took a chance on it.

Segata309d ago

Please play the first after you play this. It's kind of needed.

FullmetalRoyale309d ago

I don’t feel like I’m missing anything storyline wise, but I certainly would play another Xenoblade game if it was released on Switch.

FullmetalRoyale308d ago

I’ve done some research(I’ll follow your lead and won’t reveal it), and I know I’ll retroactively enjoy this story more if I can enjoy the first. If it ever releases on Switch!

Segata308d ago

I can't spoil why but you actually will be missing some direct tie-ins storywise.

Segata309d ago

If you played the first game, you want to finish this game. I loved XCX as well but if you liked the first you need to finish this game and I can't say why without spoiler tags.