PUBG vs Fortnite: Which game is better?

We break down map sizes, weapons, mobility, and more, to determine which is the better game: PUBG vs Fortnite.

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Zero_Suit_Samus336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Fortnite. PUBG is an unfinished unoptimized pile of 💩.

Septic336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Not really. It might be unoptimised but it's popular for a reason; it's fun to play. (Talking about the PC version btw. The Xbox version is laughable).

Both are great games; but their actual combat is different and will cater for different people.

Actual gunplay is far more satisfying for me on PubG. A lot more tense too.

I like the building aspect in Fortnite. Not a bad way to try and distinguish the game from PubG even though it is quite blatantly a ripoff of it conceptually and also by design

yumi76336d ago

PUBG goes pretty much like this... your walking then your dead, shot by someone with a sniper rifle you never even see. And even when your on the other end it's basically camping a window a bush or a tree until someone walks by. At least in Fortnite you almost always have some sort of gun battle with the people you encounter.

Plus in Fortnite the guns are more interesting, in PUBG you can simply rank all the guns and pretty much shotgun beats everything in close fights and whatever gun has the longest range is the best in every other situation. In Fortnite the guns are ranked like an MMO with green blue purple ect. so it makes different types of guns viable. A purple SMG is going to be better than a green shotgun for example. So encounters become much more varied and the choice of what guns to use becomes a lot more complicated instead of just trying to get the same guns over and over.

ChickeyCantor335d ago

> your walking then your dead

That's the point. That's why people like it. It's about being very careful at how you move to the next point.

C-H-E-F335d ago


You were going in about Gran Turismo for having maintenance on the servers, but then you find a silver lining in PUBG? LMAO man if you don't get yah issa xbox yes man up out here smh.

Kiknyonutz335d ago

Xbox is fine. If anyone actually understood what Early Access actually meant, they'd know what they were getting into. It's all about managing expectations. It'll get better.

Ciporta1980335d ago

Yesterday you were praising the Xbox version

Liqu1d335d ago

Can't be a blatant ripoff if it puts it's own spin on the game mode lie you said it Using your logic Titanfall is a blatant ripoff of CoD.

Neither Pubg or Player Unknown invented the concept. The Battle Royale concept predates Pubg and likely all video games. The design also existed before Pubg, plenty of games did Battle Royale before them. Can't ripoff off a game that lifted all of it's ideas from other places.

nowitzki2004335d ago (Edited 335d ago )


Sounds like you are not good at PUBG at all.

"a purple smg" You do know that PUBG has attachments and that makes every gun unique. For example we have a fight at range, We both have M4s, I have 4x you have red dot. I have an advantage. Or 4x vs 4x and I have a grip. I personally hate the building aspect because it destorys the realism. Show me a wall you can put up in 1 second.

And no one in their right state of mind can say Fortnite shooting mechanics are anywhere close to PUBG.

Teflon02335d ago

Fortnite maybe easier to "play" but when you get really good it is also more advanced imo. All you have to do is learn how to shoot in pubg while fortnite, no where is safe because everything can be built on or broken down. It's definitely harder to get into pubg though. Higher entry level

darthv72335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

My son wants to play both but mainly fortnite because he is a big fan of Team Fortress 2 and this has that art style he likes. plus he can play it for free on the xbo unlike PUBG which would be $30 for the preview game.

frostypants335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

@nowitzki2004 you are promoting "realism" in PUBG? C' may be more realistic than Fortnite but it's hardly realistic in general. You currently can't jump over anything higher than about 3 feet and the vault mechanics they are working on look horrible and may never work right. You can spin 360 degrees multiple times in a fraction of a second. You can drink a red bull to get health back. You can be "revived" by teammates after being shot in the head. Cmon, it has every unrealistic FPS trope ever. Only the gunplay is more realistic, aside from Fortnite's building mechanics, which are actually fun.

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crazychris4124336d ago

PUBG's new map on PC runs really smooth now. Old map I was lucky to get 75 fps on low at any part of the map. New map Im getting 120+ when in rural area when its quiet, 85 in city during firefights. Servers are still an issue at the start. Still getting desync, lag and occasional server crash. 25 million copies sold at $30 a pop they can afford to buy more reliable servers and staff.

Fortnite gameplay is a lot more arcade than PUBG. Im looking for a bit of realism in my shooters so I stick with PUBG and put up with poorly optimized original map and crap servers.

crazychris4124336d ago

Just played old map on test server, it runs a lot smoother. Was getting 90 fps at the start up island with 95 people running around. Used to be below 60. Looks like PC will be smooth for the most part before its 1.0 release next week. But the servers still need work.

Sono421335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Kind of tired of the PUBG hype beast. When Call of Duty encourages camping it's seen as a negative thing. But when PUBG does it then it's "innovative" "realism" no.. it's just boring, when you're walking around and know most houses just have someone sitting inside waiting for you to come in.. that isn't fun. The best way to win is basically to stay hidden as long as possible.. otheriwse you just get sniped out of nowhere. In fortnite this simply doesn't happen with the building mechanic. It changes up the game completely for the better. Not to mention all structures are destructable which also eliminates camping as a whole, it's simply a much better well thought out game in all honesty, optimization aside. Then you add the fact that it is much better optimized on all platforms and it's no contest. The fact that PUBG got nominations for GOTY is the biggest joke of 2017 and the gaming industry should be ashamed.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen335d ago

That's why I hate online multiplayer. Camping is a horrible flaw in these types of games and it requires no skill at all to do it.

kevnb335d ago

the pc version of PUBG is reasonable as long as you dont expect to set it to max settings.

Rimeskeem335d ago

Fortnite for the simple reason of building. The fact it's also optimized is a major bonus. But when you are out in the open you can at least build something if you get shot at to make it a fair chance. In PUBG if you get shot you will likely die.

UltraNova335d ago

Yeah its a simple case of somewhat 'realistic' vs arcady.

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Akira2020335d ago

Fortnite. If players are camping in a house, you don't have to walk in the front door to be met with instant "camper" death (like in PUBG); simply go through a wall, floor or the roof. Also, you can set traps, build forts, and everything is destructible. Fortnite FTW.

mafiahajeri335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Yeah I'm guilty of probably giving people near heart attacks surprising them in bathrooms hiding in the tub 😂

Once they open that door it's game over, only time it ever happened to me I managed to kill the guy, but it was an Asian server so that's not saying much 😂

OT: PUBG is the better game, it's just hack ridden right now. Which is a huge problem that is hurting the game big time. About it being unoptimized, well that's natural. It's a MP only PC game, you're gonna have people having a bad time regardless.

Full release is Dec 20 so we will see how that goes.

bluefox755335d ago

Not only is Fortnite more fun, but it's not a poorly optimized mess, and it's free. Furthermore, it seems like the developers have a lot more planned for it compared to PUBG.

UltraNova335d ago

I prefer PUGB's more realistic approach, but I agree that Fortnite is more accessible (massively, more) perhaps more fun and with a faster development roadmap.

corroios335d ago

in console gaming, there is no comparison, because Fortnite is light years ahead!!!!!

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