Rocket League's Latest Patch Downgrades Visuals To Improve Resolution In Portable Mode

Rocket League owners on the Nintendo Switch might enjoy better resolution in portable mode now, but at the cost of even worse visuals.

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UKRsoldja310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Like I've said before: The Switch is 2 gamecubes and an N64 soldered together in docked mode and just one gamecube in portable. The only games you can expect to not look awful on it would be cartoony, flat shaded / cell shaded ones like Mario, Zelda or indies.

The Switch can't even handle shadows on Rocket League, a game that runs beautifully at 1080/60 on the relatively weak xbox one...

AKR310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

You are kidding, right? This is a troll, right? Has to be, because that was an incredibly exaggerated comment. The Switch is more powerful than the PS3, 360 and Wii U, which were all HD-capable systems. The issue that the Switch runs into is that it has a tablet body with mobile components. Gaming laptop owners know how hard it is to squeeze performance out of machines with small chassis, the same thing applies here however it's even more constrained because of its incredibly tiny size.

But, that's still a Tegra chip that's in there. As time goes on and developers get more acquainted with the hardware, they should be able to do more with it, as is the case with every other console.

vergilxx3310d ago

If you can make better portable please by all means go ahead

310d ago