The 2017 RPG of the Year

From isometric throwbacks to exciting genre twists, 2017 was a good year to be an RPG fan.

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PhoenixUp1180d ago

I’m surprised Horizon: Zero Dawn & Xenoblade Chronicles 2 aren’t on this list.

“Its plotline is darker and more mature. Its battle system is streamlined action goodness and finally allows for four player multiplayer again.”

Every Tales of game has four player co-op.

“This was a game so good it made Tales of Zestiria, a much less spectacular Tales game, good by association.”

I personally enjoyed Tales of Zestiria as its own thing before I played Tales of Berseria.

gangsta_red1178d ago

Zestria was miles and miles better than Berseria. I was extremely disappointed with the last few Tales games but Zestria was a return to form.

Zestria imo was up there with Vesperia which was one of the best Tales game.

sammarshall1021180d ago

Playing Persona 5 now and it's a great game so far. Nier: Automata cracked my all time favorite game's list

Relientk771179d ago

Persona 5, followed by Tales of Berseria and Horizon Zero Dawn

quent1178d ago

Divinity original Sin 2 and Persona 5 for me, I can't choose one over the other, they both are a masterclass in the RPG genre

bluefox7551178d ago

Game is so good. Made me remember why I loved Jrpgs.

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