8 of the Best Open World Games of 2017

2017 has been a pretty beefy year for amazing open world games.

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NecrumOddBoy311d ago

As an open world, Zelda really was empty. The climbing feature is incredibly implemented but come on, there wasn't anything worth finding

Perjoss310d ago

Did we play the same game?

Sono421310d ago

Don't let the fanboys get to you, you're right there was nothing worth finding... the same orbs over and over? Some opal? Some armor that makes very minuscule differences even fully upgraded? You are 100% right the open world never truly has anything worth finding other than the Master sword.

Benjaminkno310d ago

Korok seeds, weapons, ingredients, puzzles, battles, rupees
It had everything.

DJK1NG_Gaming310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

who would've thought a world that was on a brink of destruction to the point where many civilizations were destroyed and many had to flee from Hyrule Region to other region to survive.

I am curious. Did you even play the game?
The game pretty much take place near the Apocalypse.

Even then every place in the map has several monster territory, horse camp and random NPC traveling.

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rlow1310d ago

I think Zelda strength was in interaction with the world around you. Just experimenting with the different abilities and powers allowed you to approach fights in so many different ways. Gliding is a blast and one of my favorite things to do. Dropping bombs on unsuspecting enemies is priceless. Freedom to tackle what you when you want is awesome and just so many little touches and mysteries. Decent physics...........the only huge hit i would give it are the motion control puzzles. Thankfully few and far apart. Great Game period.

EddieNX 310d ago

You hit the nail on the head