NVIDIA TITAN V Gaming Benchmarks - 15 Triple-A Games Tested In 4K

GamersNexus and HardwareLUXX have published some more gaming benchmarks for NVIDIA’s latest graphics card, the NVIDIA TITAN V. Both of these websites have tested numerous triple-A games and below you can find benchmarks for Sniper Elite 4, Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII, The Witcher 3, Project CARS 2 and more.

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EazyC308d ago

This newfound existence for graphics cards, what with the crypto-mining, is it going to be damaging to the PC gaming market? I notice how virtually all GPUs are selling well above the MSRP thanks to this demand/supply imbalance. This is the first card I've seen squarely advertised for this purpose!

Tapani307d ago

Actually, this card is advertised more towards the machine learning and AI purposes on top of the typical graphic-heavy applications for corporate use. Crytopmining is not a huge part of it.

PSXQ8308d ago

Nintendo Switch better. Has more games 😅😂

rlow1308d ago

Well it lives up to its name for sure. One thing, for mining they usually go for multiple cheaper cards rather than on big expensive card. Plus AMD is favored for crypto currency. But that said MSRP is 3 grand, so I would hope that whoever bought one was doing more than gaming.

Captain_Tom308d ago

Wow $3000 buys you a card with non-working drivers. God only a complete idiot would buy this.

babadivad308d ago

It's not a gaming card. It's perfect for what it was designed to do.

Captain_Tom306d ago

I don't think you understand what I meant - there are widespread reports that the Titan V crashes in mining and other professional applications. Every gaming review I have seen shows it stuttering in a ton of popular games too.

This is a card for idiots.