I Now See the Appeal of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Richard at GameSpew: I never saw the appeal of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but having finally jumped into the Xbox One version, my eyes have been opened.

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309d ago
OoglyBoogly309d ago

Eh you'll feel this way for a couple of weeks then like everyone else I know you'll stop playing.

kevnb309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

We aren’t talking about destiny, we are talking about a game pushing nearly 3 million concurrent users on steam.

SierraGuy309d ago

Even if it was on PlayStation I wouldn't play this. Running around opening doors to find weapons... whatever I still prefer Call of Duty.

bolimekurac309d ago

thank god its not on playstation then right?? go play a nice single player game and get back to us

SierraGuy309d ago

Well you know what Microsoft was supposed to step in and help and that doesn't seem to be working. I don't play unfinished games anymore. Even if they did fix it when's that? A year from now? I don't have time for that nonsense just like I don't have time to read idiotic replies from stupid croatians boli my [email protected]

Kiwi66309d ago

So you won't buy it but there are plenty who will

andibandit309d ago (Edited 309d ago )


"I don't have time to read idiotic replies"

Strange, cause you go into each xbox article and write them.

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timotim309d ago everyone else huh? I love these guys that try and make up there own narrative that's based far from reality because wishful thinking...

iNcRiMiNaTi309d ago

I've been playing since closed beta in Feb. Guess I'm not like "everyone else" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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bolimekurac309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

i do too, thats why more people are playing this game right now on xbox and pc then any other game, FACT

dont worry though, cause a new sony exclusive is coming soon, 4 to 5 months then you guys can finish that one in 10 hours and keep waiting for the next one

SierraGuy309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

You jealous...I can't even count how many games are on PlayStation WITHOUT backwards compatibility. Enjoy your 15fps turd of unknown. I'll stick to my 60.

FullmetalRoyale309d ago

Lame. Don’t be a child. Let’s just enjoy the games we like, man!

DJStotty308d ago

your 60 turds of unknown?

FullmetalRoyale309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

It’s okay to be small.
Fanboys, of ANY platform, are pathetic. And I mean that.

alb1899309d ago

Is a really good experience because of the suspense that increase by minutes and the sound of everything getting is very good!

awdevoftw309d ago

Where's all the guys saying exclusives are ruining the industry? I'm glad the xbone got this, for guys that own one and for guys thinking of getting one.

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