PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Has Massive Problems on Xbox One

The most popular PC shooter of the year, and one of the most streamed games online, is finally available on consoles and wow, the devs can take this one back. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released on the Xbox One family of consoles yesterday as part of the Game Preview (early access) program and it’s awkwardly bad, a result of an extremely rushed production by the developers with the help of Microsoft so Xbox could have a notable exclusive out just in time for the holidays.

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Automatic79306d ago

These articles are getting silly, this is a game preview title. I can't wait to see how many articles are written when the game is optimized.

notachance306d ago

you'll be waiting for a long time since even the PC version hasn't been properly optimized until now...

Black0ut306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Exactly. Best to stay clear of this junk imo. At least until its actually playable.

Way overhyped tbqh.

tontontam0306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I know that the point of early access is to get data on how to improve their game.

Which is why charging for early access is fucked up.

other devs "pays" game testers to find faults in their games.

while on pubg it's the game testers who "pays" the devs.

yomfweeee306d ago

If they're making you pay for it, you have a right to criticize.

isa_scout306d ago

Don't know how you got a disagree. That is exactly a consumers right.

ZombieStalker306d ago

OMG! No one forced you to spend money on a Game Preview game! As with any Game Preview game, there is a risk the game will have issues. I knew PUBG would have issues....just like the PC version.

darthv72306d ago

I would not classify a game that you pay $30 to play as a preview. If anything it should have been a free open demo that you then pay for the complete game.

Sgt_Slaughter306d ago

It is a preview, yes, but that is absolutely no excuse for having the game released in the state that it is in. Inexcusable for a company that loves to complain about other games that are supposed copies yet run better.

ZehnDrachen306d ago

It’s getting silly? The game on PC looks miles times better than Xbox One. Just admit it, it was poorly optimized for the console.

UCForce306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Pay an early access game which is not okay. And yes, the game deserves to be criticized.

Cyborgg306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Just play Fortnite Battle Royale

rainslacker306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

If MS isn't going to abide by it's own compliance standards just so they can rush a game out, they should be criticized. I criticize both Sony and MS when they allow other publishers to push out the big releases like COD or whatever for the holiday season, and forgo basic things like making sure it works on release. This is no different. The fact that MS is publishing it for consoles here doesn't give them any excuse to push out a faulty product.

Early access or not, it shouldn't be riddled with issues. There is a certain expectation that comes with a console release, and it's a paradigm that Nintendo started to get people to come back to consoles. One of the biggest reasons of the video game crash was a bunch of poor quality games, some which didn't function. Early access is no excuse for a broken product. Money was spent, a playable product should be expected. It doesn't have to be complete, but it should work without so many issues.

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Codedan306d ago

My game experience says otherwise, and so do the others I play with.

Gaming_Cousin306d ago ShowReplies(1)
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Araragifeels 306d ago

Your imagination is so strong that you imagine that the beta phase game that have horrible frame rate is perfect.

PUBG306d ago

I agree that these articles are a bit over the top, as I've been playing since the game launched yesterday, and I've been having a blast. There are some bad textures, and I have been disconnected a few times, but overall, it's a solid experience.

Liqu1d306d ago Show
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Magnetar306d ago

It’s amusing, no one on this site gave this game the acknowledgment it deserved breaking all those records on steam, but now that it’s on xb1 with issues there’s dozens of article with tons of comments from fanboys just waiting for things to fail.

yomfweeee306d ago

Not really that odd. Console games are generally way more polished and consistent on consoles.

Early access games you pay for are not usual on consoles.

Unreal01306d ago (Edited 306d ago )


Even Digital Foundry noted that the Xbox One version runs any where between 18-25fps, and the One X is nearly the same. How is that acceptable? That is trash.

Don't be a fanboy yourself, acknowledge there is a problem here.

And it got massive acknowledgement when it broke all those records, where on earth were you?! Lmao.

Codedan306d ago

They said the X obvious does better. I am assuming you just read the comments instead of read the article.

chrisoadamson306d ago

Why are you blatently lying ? You clearly haven't watched the video . Xbox one x runs consistently at 5-7 frames on avg better than Xbox one s

notachance306d ago

there are shit-tons of articles talking about the game's record breaking here, it's just you who choose only to see recent negative articles about this game.

don't blame others for your blindness

Magnetar306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I know there were articles about it, but they all had very few comments. Now that’s it’s out on xbox and not running well every ps4 fanboy on this site is going from article to spewing hate for a game they never cared about before.

Codedan306d ago

I played it for over 12 hours, and played with multiple people. Have you played it on the Xbox yet? If so what issues have you had?

Failcube306d ago

It does though - it talks about why it's good and popular on PC, and there are links to sales numbers... NOT AMUSING

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JokerDem306d ago

Yes we should criticize the game since we paid for it, just like everybody did on here with driveclub. oh wait.

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DaGreatOne306d ago

Drive club was criticized. Hell the developers lost their job. Gt sport came playable just not complete compared to previous titles.

rainslacker306d ago

DC got criticized. It worked except for the online component. NMS did as well, and it worked, just didn't deliver on what everyone promised. Just because you want to change narratives doesn't mean that things are inconsistent. There are quite a few games which get criticized on release, like AC:S which had frame rate issues on the PS4, and this game seems like it has much bigger issues than all those games combined.

Ben Dover306d ago

If you're actuallly going to compare DC or GT Sport to PUBG, you should get your head checked and that tumor removed. The amount of issues PUBG has aren't even comparable to something else, and they even asked MONEY for it.

Something tells me you aren't able to breathe oxygen all by yourself without needing help.

Bhai306d ago

Hahaha Driveclub was super polished in face of this shite, also that yes it was criticized alright... even though even at launch t was extremely well playable and not like this:

Now, defend this ;)

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