Ni no Kuni II Pop!s Announced by Funko

Hardcore Gamer: The upcoming RPG title is one many are anticipating. However, it was announced recently that Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will be delayed. But perhaps the Pop! figure news revealed by Funko will help ease fans and get them excited once again!

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thatguyhayat333d ago

Ease fans and get them excited again* my excitement never went down to begin with. The collectors edition has me even more excited but these funko abomination makes my eyes cringe

mercyblades333d ago

FYI: The BandaiNamco store has a Replica Map preorder bonus, if you get the C.E directly from them. GameStop/EB Games gives you a Lofty keychain.

333d ago
SojournUK333d ago

I love ni no kuni but funko pops are absolutely crap.

Takwin329d ago

We have so many amiibos and Funko Pops. I love Ni No Kuni, so it looks like we will be adding to our collection!