The Best Third-Person Action-Adventure Game of 2017

Competition has been tough this year for the action-adventure category, but there can only be one winner. Twinfinite reviews this year's best games from the category and picks a winner.

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Heart-hat-ack312d ago

Yep, easily. I have all major consoles including X1X, but you wouldn't know it at the moment, all my time goes to BOTW. The only game to REALLY grab my attention this gen.

cha0sknightmare312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

it's Horizon for me, was absolutely captivated by the world and story. Love Aloy as a character and her voice acting etc. Combat is still surprising me now, with the different weapons and all the different parts of Armour and components that can be broken off, creating new weak points, or removing functions from the machines, and using their own weapons against them etc

Definitely my favorite new IP of this generation to.