Amazon discounts Destiny 2 to below $25 and South Pack: The Fractured but Whole to under $30

Amazon has discounted Destiny 2 to $24.88 while South Pack: The Fractured but Whole is also on sale for $29.99.

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cyclindk312d ago

One of the most boring games I’ve ever played. Destiny 2.

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optimus312d ago

I tried getting into destiny 1 and i was bored. Then my friend convinced me to get the taken king and i didn't even bother opening it. So destiny 2 didn't even grab my attention as it looked like it was just a bigger, longer, more boring sequel.

TheVigilanteCode312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Hey everyone on N4G!

Little optimus here is propagating a lie that EVERY retail copy of a game in the "Xbox Play Anywhere" program, comes with a code to redeem on your account/gamertag and keep it forever, and then you can sell your disc.

Here are his lies on another thread here on N4G


From the link - "Are Xbox Play Anywhere games digital only or also disc games?

Xbox Play Anywhere only applies to digital games. Xbox Play Anywhere games can be purchased in the Xbox Store, the Windows Store, or via a digital code at participating retailers."

This kid doesn't own a console or any platform I would reckon. He a paid shill to post false information on the internet.

optimus311d ago

oh wow, so you're following me around now? look everyone, i have a stalker! i'm so you can see, nobody cares about your agenda. go home kid.

letsa_go312d ago

They were in such a rush to get their amazon affiliate links up, that they couldn't be bothered to proof read! hahaha

pandehz312d ago

Its a pack of South Park I and II?

letsa_go312d ago

Here's the games without the amazon affiliate links, so the scammers at don't make money off you!
Destiny 2
South Park Fractured but Whole

312d ago