PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One X 4K Gameplay - Not For Everyone

CG writes: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the early access game has now released proper (still in its early access state) on Xbox One and Xbox One X as a console exclusive but it’s a bit of a mixed bag and not for everyone.

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XbladeTeddy334d ago

fantastic game full of hilarious moments but the frame-rate is shockingly bad. It's still good though despite the tragic performance which says a lot about this game in general. Playing on the X wondering how bad it must be on the standard Xbox.

WilliamSheridan334d ago

I'm playing on the X and I'm not experiencing a bad frame rate?! Kind of makes me wonder what you are really playing on. You can view the VOD in my MIXER account to see it actually runs well.

richyque334d ago

Most of the people that say they have an xboxonex on here really just faking and still playing on OG xbox. I played this on the X at a co workers place and it ran fine. I own an OG xboxone.

XbladeTeddy334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

I'm playing on the X, why would I lie? In fact why am I even responding. Check my post history and you will see I purchased one. The frame-rate is awful on the X, it's that simple.

edit: here we go now tell me Digital Foundry is lying too:

WilliamSheridan333d ago

Post history is proof of purchase? What's your Gamertag? There's an easy way to determine if you have an X

Pantz334d ago

Don't matter. By my best guestimate based on the leaderboards it's sold at least a million already.

Pantz333d ago

Andddddd, they have confirmed over 1 million sold in 48 hours. This confirms that I am good at guesstimating and that there was no reason to downvote me.

334d ago
Cyborgg334d ago

Maybe Microsoft should try to develop their own exclusive from the ground up and that takes advantage and designed for the One X next time.

rakentaja334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

I like the idea, but it's a crime when the game can often reach as low as 25fps or even 20 at times. Tell me one human being who should like it !? Early access or not, game is not ready to play even as beta (bug fix/balance) in this stage of performance.

Gaming4Life1981334d ago

It's funny how pc gets early access games all the time with these same types of problems initially and no one complains and just waits for it to be improved which usually happens quickly. Xbox gets a game which is not as bad as people who don't even have the game on this site make it out to be gets all this hate. The point of early access is just as the name states, you are playing a work in progress developed game and things are not going to be perfect. Whomever bought this game thinking it would be just didn't do enough research. The game will obviously be improved and optimized better so all the PUBG and Xbox haters need to calm down.

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