Xenoblade Chronicles 2 version 1.1.1 out next week, details

Nintendo has revealed details about a new update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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mania568312d ago

thats good news i hope they fix the map problems people were having and some new aditions that i liked, for those who want to see the details of part 2 dlc for december 21 here it is (its from a site i found)
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------------------------
DLC Pack 1B: Support Items For Your Journey

Release date: December 21st/22nd
Requires: Ver. 1.1.1 or more recent
Driver’s Essentials Set: Rare Core Crystal (x10), Legendary Core Crystal (x1), Overdrive Protocol (x3)
Upgrade Parts for Poppi: Ether (x30 000)
Pyra’s Favourite Things: Jenerossi Tea (x5)
Nia’s Favourite Things: Ardainian Bear Carving (x5)

Important note: you need to have reached certain points in the game in order to claim the items. It’s all part of the main storyline, so there is no way for you to miss them, but we’re listing them for reference:

Jenerossi Tea (x5) = rest at the inn at the Argentum Trade Guild in Chapter 1
Ardainian Bear Carving (x5) = rest at the inn at the Argentum Trade Guild in Chapter 1

cpayne93312d ago

Hopefully this game will perform a bit better after some patches

Zarock312d ago

The game Is a mess tbh everything Is gated behind field skills even the main story. Make sure to have a google tab close to you If you want to complete quests since there are no tutorials In game that explain a lot of things.

MazeRunner311d ago

before worrying about dlc items they should work on stability patches.