Phil Spencer Will Deliver Keynote for D.I.C.E. 2018, Sharing How Microsoft Continues To Evolve

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox division at Microsoft, has been confirmed to be delivering the opening keynote at D.I.C.E. 2018 in Las Vegas. He will share his thoughts on how a large company like Microsoft continues to learn and evolve.

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Alexious307d ago

Yes but don't expect announcements there, it's an industry event. It should be interesting though.

Highlife307d ago Show
UltraNova307d ago

I get worried whenever Phil wants to make announcements... seriously.

indyman7777307d ago

I just want them to Devolve back into a exclusive games company, not evolve. Not Services (which means RENT to NEVER OWN).

Rent to own is bad people.

Ittoittosai307d ago

There is nothing inappropriate about highlifes comment.

rainslacker307d ago

All he'll do is say how great MS is, how they always listen, how they always evolve because they listen, speak about MS being big going forward, and generally just peddle himself and MS to make them look good so the industry execs that are there may be impressed enough to maybe give them business in the future. He'll spend some time talking about the trouble they started with, and say how they changed things, and either not mention or glance over the fact that most of the promises they made haven't been delivered, and avoid the fact that they have the lowest output of Xbox history, but maybe say that they evolved and that they are now working on what everyone said they should be doing for years now.....which they even said before the start of the generation.

MS is really bad at making their keynote speeches at various events be nothing more than marketing PR. I expect nothing different here. It's not something that's restricted to Xbox, so it's not even a console preference thing, just that MS sucks at keynotes at big conferences. Their engineer leads often do have some really good panels at technology conferences though.

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lxeasy307d ago

Curious to hear what lessons they have learned.

morganfell307d ago

You must like the sound of silence.

Bhai307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

haha morganfell, more like:
-We have PS2's PUBG (Special Edition comes complete with Porridge ingredients and Recipe Steel Book XD ),
-Original Xbox (2001)'s Crackdown 3 just for you in glorious 4K
-Rare's Sea of Thieves: though you guys know we aren't a match with 'em, so like their everything else, it might bomb (but even that in 4K)
-A 'probable' open-world action rpg that surely won't be exclusive and 'might' release in 3 years or so, so yeah wait 4Kever!
-Tetris, Pong and Mahjong in 4K, brewed right from French devs situated in Tokyo, b'coz only WE can do it in 4K!
-Forza 8 in 2018, we have a brand new menu so it deserves a sequel you see, we bet it'll sell another 100k :D !!!

fiveby9307d ago

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

showtimefolks307d ago

He will talk a big game that's all he is good for. To me he is just empty words

Chris_Wray307d ago

Interesting with MS having a talk at D.I.C.E. Sounds like it'll be more the company bigging themselves up, which is to be expected, but may get some ideas of what the plans are for the future.

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ccgr307d ago

If I was nearby I'd check it out

Relientk77307d ago

I hope he goes into his spiel about his trip to Japan and talks about how he loves Japanese games now and they're coming.

Alexious307d ago

That would be great, but after canceling Scalebound I reckon Japanese developers are even warier of Microsoft than they already were.

AspiringProGenji307d ago

Lol whatever happened to that?

NXFather307d ago

Yeah canceling Scalebound and beefing with Platinum was their 2017 New Years resolution. Then re-opening the trademark to make it look like they are doing something. Will be nice to see what 2018 New Years resolution will be.

-Foxtrot307d ago

"I ate Sushi, got laid and popped into some Japanese gaming studios to see what Nintendo/Sony games they were working on"

The End

UltraNova307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Allow me to continue from where you left of:
" ...working on. Then I got my MS check book out and started writing increasingly bigger and bigger numbers until one of them would agree to a 3-6 month xbox exclusivity deal. It was great, awesome, so very American of me".

Kryptix307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Phil: " very American of me. As I packed my clothes, ready to hop on the plane, I just pictured all my fans being grateful for all my decisions. Always great for them to cheer on, the true evolution actually comes in speak that you can start with having a friendly smile and say whatever you want & they will eat it up.

The true technique is to create as much filler and honey coated words in between releases. This is why my going to Japan story worked so well, I truly made them believe that we were starting to focus on bringing JRPGs to the Xbox, it was a huge a possibility. Ha, I sometimes picture how Scalebound would have ended up as if we gave it the chance, but I changed my mind and transferred all the funds to acquiring PUBG and other timed exclusivity deals. Remember when I said I dislike it? Let them argue if I actually really did or not, it creates a buzz. Even though it's as broken as Scalebound was during development, the free marketing from Twitch and YouTube would automatically make it a success without the need to constantly spend money on advertising.

This is why, my business friends, we have evolved. We at Microsoft have found ways to maximize profits with minimal effort and you all should follow. Be subtle, don't pull a Battlefront 2 and it will all work out! Adios!"

*loud applause from Polygon staff sitting by* "sshh...they also pay us to do this"

Bhai307d ago

Yep Japanese games are cumming ;)

rainslacker307d ago

This is a business exec conference. I wouldn't expect him to talk much about the games they're making. That's not really what the keynote at this conference is about. The keynotes tend to be related to some kind of business thing going on in the industry. Which is why it's odd they'd choose Spencer considering they're not doing that great this generation, and nothing about their current status shows any indication of evolving. Changing maybe, but without any quantifiable result, it's hard to say that such a keynote is in any way relevant to anyone listening.

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