Far Cry Arcade

An article over at Gamasutra includes news of an upcoming arcade conversion of Ubisoft's first-person shooter Far Cry.

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The 16 Best Racing Game Series & Franchises of All Time

Throughout the years, racing game series have provided countless outstanding titles; In today's list, we'll present you with the best video game racing series to date.

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GhostScholar3d ago

F-zero wayyyyy to low on this list. I would take f-zero on the snes over any need for speed game. I think project Gotham should also be higher.


The Best Heavy Metal Games Out There

Prepare to headbang your way into glory with these metal-infused games. You'll find yourself flipping your hair in pure excitement.

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Sentinels of Earth Prime Review - Hardcore iOS

Sentinels of Earth Prime: A card-based superhero adventure fusing strategy and action, embodying iconic superhero tales for amazing gameplay.

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