Okami HD Would be Perfect for Switch

A high-definition port of the classic adventure game Okami is headed to several platforms this December. The Nintendo Switch absolutely should be one of them — but, for whatever reason, it isn’t. And while it’s easy to complain about insert-game-here not having a Switch port, or wanting a big third-party title to be playable on Switch, Capcom skipping out on Okami HD for the console is an especially big oversight.

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masterfox312d ago

lol seriously stop begging for other console games Nintendo fans, if you want to beg for other games why not beg to Nintendo and ask for new IPs?, instead of only having Marios, Zeldas and Pokemons, ughhh, if you think about it a bit just a damn bit!, you will realize that Nintendo is as dry as the xbone in the exclusive game department and next year Switch will be dry as a desert.

TekoIie312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

"if you want to beg for other games why not beg to Nintendo and ask for new IPs?"

You don't need to ask for new IPs because Nintendo already makes a lot. Off the top of my head I remember playing W101, Splatoon, ARMS, Codename steam, The last story, Pandoras Tower, Boxboy and Xenoblade. Quite a bit more than the 3 game series you named.

"Nintendo is as dry as the xbone in the exclusive game department and next year Switch will be dry as a desert."

Yoshi 2018
Kirby Star Allies
Fire emblem
Metroid Prime 4

That's the current 2018 line-up of Nintendo games. Not to mention there was an interview last month where Nintendo said they had more things to show off which we wouldn't even expect, so I'm not sure how you can see 2018 as dry.

Also nothing wrong with requesting a game be released for your preferred system. I mean isn't that kinda what the PS community has been saying needs to happen with monster Hunter for so long?

_-EDMIX-_312d ago

Ummm ok a lot of what you listed was actually not new intellectual properties made by Nintendo.

TekoIie312d ago


All were published by Nintendo, meaning Nintendo brought us those new IPs. Otherwise we need to stop mentioning Sony when we talk about anything Quantic Dream make within a similar context.

Septic312d ago

What is it with you Sony fanboys? You guys are apparently drowning in videogames but have time to gun EVERY platform other than the one you worship.

JunMei312d ago

It's sick. It's like a religion for these guys.

Doge312d ago

Don’t tell people what to do. It’s rude.

Neonridr312d ago

we got a new IP in Arms already. Not to mention Splatoon is only on its second installment.

Seriously, are you actually going to complain with what Nintendo brought this year in terms of 1st party? The different between Nintendo and the others is, while they may have plenty of Mario or Zelda installments, they take a solid 4 years to develop. So it doesn't feel like they are milking them because they aren't annualized like some of these other games we see each and every year.

The author merely stated that Okami would be a perfect fit for Switch. What's so wrong with that?

With Capcom expanding their Switch support and saying that they want to get more titles on it, I wouldn't be surprised to see this one get added.

JunMei312d ago

Wow Masterfox. What's with all the anger man. Go get therapy. That's not an insult. It's a genuine recommendation.

That said, why does Nintendo need much more new IPs when almost every time they release a game in an old franchise it's like they're rebooting it. Unlike other companies, Nintendo has been able to keep their characters and IPs relevant for years and years which keeping things fresh. It's worth noting that to those who are simply dismissive and filled with rage and hate, Nintendo brings nothing new, but that couldn't be further from the truth to those who actually HAVE played.

Anyway, don't be consumed with anger and hate. It's such a sad existence. There's more to life man. Hang in there.

TallonIV312d ago

New IPs? Lol Nintendo owns more IPs than any other video game maker. Try again.

DEKUX12312d ago

your a sony pony for sure lol

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DJK1NG_Gaming312d ago

yeah it would but the best version will always be the Wii version

UKRsoldja312d ago

It would be the same version, as the Switch can't handle HD.

UKRsoldja312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Eddie - Yep. 368p drops in Xenoblade and 540p in Doom aren't HD. In fact, Xenoblade drops to a resolution 4x under the HD minimum standard and below SD resolution..

DEKUX12312d ago

i have the game sorry it never drops that low what ur hereing are lies lol people need to stop.

UKRsoldja312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Deku - lol, Digital Foundry doesn't lie. I guess you have the equipment to test and analyze the game like they do?

EddieNX 312d ago

It's down to poor optimization and will be patched. Xenoblade 2 looks beautiful in TV mode as do many other games. The Switch is capable of 720p and 1080p and could probably run Okami HD with half of its power

blawren4305d ago

Funny how you latch on to the worst of digital foundry's analysis and ignore all the good that was said in those. Those that have played the game simply don't care for a few dropped frames or resolution dips. they aren't game breaking and don't ruin the game in any way. If they do, then you are shallow AF.

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PhoenixUp312d ago

Not really. The PS3 version looks way better and even had optional PS Move support so you get the best of both worlds

Movefasta1993312d ago

I have it on ps3,and it runs at 1080/60. I would buy it on the switch

UKRsoldja312d ago

It runs at 720p on the ps3 and is then upscaled. Not 1080p native.

Movefasta1993311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

I’m pretty sure it runs at 1080p not upscaled,

UKRsoldja311d ago

You're right, I got the tabs mixed up. I thought this was the Bayonetta article.

beanplant312d ago

Would have been perfect on the Vita with the touch screen but clearly that never happened

vergilxx3312d ago

there is a pop version if i remember correctly

theshredded312d ago

Very true. Good games that were already released sell much better on new systems.

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