Eurogamer: Alone in the Dark PS3 Preview

Eurogamer writes: "No publisher wants the phrase "polishing a turd" attached to their games as they cross the console divide, but Atari has at least been open about the need to spruce up Alone in the Dark before introducing it to anyone else. A new audience should represent new opportunities, but there's no denying that the well-publicised flaws in the 360 original mean that Edward Carnby's fifth outing arrives in Sonyville tainted by poor word of mouth and with much to prove.

Now in possession of a near-complete PS3 build of the game, and able to explore it away from the guiding hands of the development team, we can perhaps give you a clearer picture of which elements have been improved - and which are still looking a bit shabby."

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pwnsause4393d ago

this game is still going to fail in sales and in graphical fidelity for 2 reasons:

1. Its a 360 port. we all know that 360 ports dont look good on the PS3

2. The game was Trash, it scored mediocre reviews for the 360 version

pixelsword4392d ago

There's already been (pre)views by gamepro stating that the PS3 version was duded-up and was better, but then again we heard that before, but Gamepro has a better standing than Eurogamer, so I choose to reject Eurogamer.

That is all.