Give Us More Underpowered Switch Games; I Don't Care How Last-Gen They Look

Twinfinite writes: Nintendo did its part in 2017 getting the ball rolling. It was one of the best years we’ve ever seen from a single company. Now it’s time for the big third-party publishers to pick up the ball and run with it. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

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thesoftware730309d ago

Well, as far as ports go, they need to be better than WWE18 for sure.

And while I agree that devs should bring some of the great older games to Switch, how about developing a few switch exclusives that utilize the hardware to the fullest. That's why I'm hyped to see Boyo 3 and No more heros. I cant think of any other games besides Nintendo games that is upcoming, built just for Switch and trying to push the hardware.

roadkillers309d ago

To be fair WWE 2k18 sucked on every console.

adamwparker309d ago

As @roadkillers mentioned, WWE18 was problem plagued on ALL consoles. It's really a shame 2K Sports won't let this property go so that somebody else can try to make a decent wrestling game. Year after year after year they've shown us that they don't really care about it.

Sirk7x308d ago

Well yeah, people that buy those games have to be fans of wrestling xD
They still sell, so they figure, why bother trying?

309d ago
darthv72309d ago

I'd think bioshock, DMC and lost planet could do pretty good on the switch. Equal to or greater than the ps360 versions

thesoftware730309d ago


Hell yes!

Bioshock would be a day one purchase for me.

CaptainObvious878309d ago

Is this why the switch is selling so well despite being severely underpowered compared to the price point and compared to other consoles? People have no standards and are happy for last gen ports?

thesoftware730308d ago

No standards? You mean playing fun games?

Believe it or not, not everyone played every game...especially people who only owned a Wii U. Playing on the go is a big selling point to many, including myself, portables have always sold yeah, excuse yourself because we have standards.

Also why didn't the PS4 and the XBOX one get criticized for have a ton of ports in their first year? Hell, they are still getting last gen and older ports.

badz149308d ago (Edited 308d ago ) they are talking like real peasants! but how can that be when the superior PS4 1TB sells for like $100 less?? Switch owners bring the new meaning to the word "peasants". they are actually high paying peasants!

and oh...not every game is better because we can now play them on the go like many Nintendo fanboys here are saying. I drive to work everyday, so playing on the go point is moot for me.

_-EDMIX-_308d ago

I agree that developer should work harder on actually making something that's more optimized for the switch but I don't even see any benefit for them making anything exclusive especially if you consider it's the least common denominator which means it could support other platforms anyway.

So I'm not sure how any switch owners getting a benefit by a game not appearing somewhere else....

thesoftware730308d ago

So by your logic, the Xbox one should never get an exclusive because the PS4 was more powerful?

And now the PS4 pro should never get an exclusive because the Xbox:X?

Don't be ridiculous, demographic, timing, budget, future benefits like using a Nintendo ip, let's not forget possibly paying for it, help funding? Marketing/publishing deal? . There is so much reasons why exclusives are made.

I guess you only feel that way because of the hard on you have for Nintendo.

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Shiken309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Portability is the selling point for 3rd party games on the Switch. Do what it takes to get these console caliber games running on it. The Switch will have multiplatform games that may look sub HD, but still decent considering it is a portable that you can play on your TV like a console. I still cannot fathom how people are complaining about Xenoblade 2 in handheld mode. Since when has a current gen game of that scale been able to run in a conveniently portable fashion at all? Take it for what it is and enjoy it.

Games that are designed for the console will be able to take advantage of the 720p screen and 1080p tv output. Rememver VITA and 3DS types of games will be coming to the Switch as well. However if we are getting full console games as well such as DOOM, Wolfenstein, NBA2k, Skyrim SPECIAL EDITION, etc, resolution should be the last thing on our minds for those types of games.

As long as it looks decent and runs at an acceptable framerate while remaining feature complete (this is indeed the case for MOST multiplat games so far), then that should be all we are concerned about due to portability. We have two capable HD consoles on the market already, and now we have a portable console as well. What we have now is OPTIONS and as gamers we should be rejoicing, not nitpicking. That is not to say we should tolerate sloppy ports like WWE2k18 or an incomplete FIFA, but these are the vast minority. Vote with your wallets and buy the games that deserve to be bought, not these rushed and sloppy ports.

Take it for what it is, a portable console. The PS4 and X1 are the HD consoles. If you want portability, buy for Switch. If you want full HD res or boosted framerates, buy for PS4 or X1. You cannot have the best of both worlds so it is time to just enjoy what works best for you. I love my PS4, not fond of my base X1, yet I find myself buying for Switch more than anything these days. As a 30 year old adult with a job and obligations that keep me busy, the portability of the Switch has offered me more playtime than my other consoles could. That is what works for me, and I am not alone on this.

Options are a good thing, and there will always be something to complain about. It is high time we rejoiced as gamers and be happy for so many ways to play rather than try to pick everything apart. Just my 2 cents.

UKRsoldja309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

368p. Repeat after me, it drops to 368p. On a 6.2 inch screen !!!

Prince_TFK309d ago

Which other 6.2 inches screen devices beside the Switch can play those games at “368p” ?

DrJones309d ago

At the very lowest. It stays mostly in the 540p-480p zone, and the sharpening filter works great in handheld mode. I actually think it looked really good, you should play it yourself. In docked mode it never goes below 720p

InKnight7s309d ago

Ps3, x360 were HD consoles its been 12 years.

Shiken309d ago

They also were not portable, and the Switch is vastly more powerful than both as the specs are closer to the X1 or PS4 which is already a noticeable difference. PS360 ports are all 1080p/720p so I fail to see what you are getting at.

The whole PS360 argument is perhaps one of the weakest points I have ever heard.

UltraNova309d ago


How is Skyrim so downgraded even in dock mode then?

septemberindecember309d ago

Just like the Switch, a lot of PS3 and Xbox 360 games used adaptive scaling measures as well. Especially on the PS3, there were a lot of games that weren't HD at all.

Shiken309d ago


Skyrim was based off of the PS4 and X1 special edition, and a huge step up from the PS360 in both handheld and docked mode. It is also sporting a smooth frame rate. Check DF for proof.

Troll harder

Jules__Badguy309d ago

Skyrim on Switch kills the PS3/X360 versions it's not a contest.

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UKRsoldja309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Sorry, but the Switch is closer to the 360/ps3 than it is to the x1/ps4. Switch is roughly twice as powerful as the xbox 360 and ps3 and 3 times weaker than the x1 and 4.5 times weaker than the ps4..

Shiken309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

The Switch is 3 to 4 times more powerful than the PS3 and 360 (GPU throughput) and has 8 times the memory.



Xbox 360: 240 GFLOPS

Switch (Docked): 393 (FP32) 668-750 GFLOPS (double rate FP16)



360: 512MB GDDR3 (+10MB eDRAM)

Switch: 4GB LPDDR4

*Realistically, the Switch can only achieve higher performance figures with extensive use of double rate FP16. Unreal Engine 4 is a good example.

deafdani309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Very well said. Don't mind the disagrees, a lot of people here are just on hate mode and can't give credit where it's due. Expecting the Switch - a console the size of an iPad Mini - to run at anywhere the same graphical fidelity or performance as even a base Xbox One is ridiculous.

UKRsoldja309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Using fp32, the switch is around 2x the power of an xbox 360. If you all of a sudden start rating it in fp16, then x1 goes to 2.6 teraflops and ps4 to 3.6 teraflops. That means it's STILL closer to the last gen than current gen consoles...

And how come, despite being much more powerful even in portable mode, the Switch still hasn't achieved the graphical fidelity of games like Halo 4, Gears of War 3, The Last of Us, Resistance 3 or Forza 4? The best we got is 540p Doom that looks blurry as hell and drops to 20fps.. Try running GTA V on the switch in portable and full 720p...

The closest thing would be Fast Neo, barely.

DrJones309d ago

It's 612p not 540p and fps drops only in shorter intensive intervals

MecheSlays309d ago

The og Xbox one or PS4 don’t have fp16

Shiken309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

The base PS4 and X1 are not compatible with fp16.

The Switch however is compatible, therefore your argument is null and void in that regard.

VariantAEC305d ago

Even with FP16 Switch is only capable of managing 394 GFLOPS. Otherwise Switch is stuck at 197 GFLOPS at "full" 32-bit floats... Yes, Tegra X1 in the Switch is only capable of 197 GFLOPS at full precision...

Calculating GFLOPS:
Number of Shader Cores * Clock Frequency * 2 / 1,000,000
Tegra X1 shader count is 256.
Switch's clock frequency is 384MHz.
256*384*2/1,000,000=0.1966 or 197GFLOPS Full precision (FP32)
So FP16 would be twice that in theory but in actuality you're not going to double performance. This is why Switch is struggling to run PS3 games like LA Noire, Skyrim and DOOM (even though DOOM is far newer). It's even possible that FP16 was utilized to get DOOM on the Switch in the first place seeing as how the tools used allowed it in the PC version and this is likely why Wolfenstein The New Colossus is coming to Switch too. Funny that DF didn't mention this!
We'll see if I'm right though.

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Xx_Pistol_xX288d ago

Why are you comparing the Switch to last gen dinosaur consoles?

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Gemmol309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I agree,they can dip graphics to low as vita and I would still play as long as it have all the same content like they did for nba 2k18 with no feature missing no mode missing same game from other system beside drop to 30 frames which do not bother me because basketball in past would play in 30 frames, it's not a game that need 60 frames for people to enjoy

All i want to do is play my games anywhere with internet sent from my phone to the switch

London___309d ago

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Bleucrunch309d ago

This as a switch owner makes me uneasy, I like the switch and it has many things Nintendo needs to work on, however, under-powered games will be hit or miss. If Nintendo is trying to bring other third party companies that make multi-platform games, then why would the switch be an attractive sell if it will be a lesser version??

If the other consoles have a better version of the game, then to me it makes sense to get it on the better console. If there are games that have chat functionality then the switch is automatically not even considered as I am still fantastically dismayed at how Nintendo can screw that simple feature up.

The only way the switch will be looked at by third parties is a bunch of ports and that will be cool for now. If you take a look at Skyrim, it was release in the past and Bethesda re-released the game on the switch at full price. I think that third parties should make games exclusive for the switch utilizing its unique feature set. The switch is under-powered and I just don't know why Nintendo went in that direction but they have always done things their way.

It remains to be seen how things will progress.

The 10th Rider309d ago

I'm more interested in some of the older games honestly. Getting games like Titan's Quest on Switch is awesome because I can pick it up for cheap not long after launch and since the Switch is so convenient to play I can finally find the motivation to play through it. (I've got it on PC but it doesn't jive well on my build and has performance issues). I'd rather get some games like that rather than severely gimped versions of games like Destiny 2. Mass Effect colleciton, Bioshock collection, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space collection, and more would be more then welcome.

Granted, I'm not saying we shouldn't get any modern games ported over, but I'm hardly opposed to developers bringing some of last gen's greatest games over to play on portable for the first time.

Bleucrunch309d ago

I agree bring over the great games from last gen, but I do not want the switch to be considered for that as its only option. New games and new IP's need to come to the switch so that it can have its own base of unique styled games that really take advantage of its feature set.

I am pursuing a career in video game development so I guess when I gain the knowledge and am in a position to make video games, I will create some. I just do not understand the hesitating with these third party companies its utterly frustrating.

The 10th Rider309d ago


Oh yeah, by no means do I want those to be the main games for Switch. Those titles would be great for filler in between the big first party titles and a selection of third-party titles that we get. Imagine if the Switch has the full force of Nintendo's handheld and home console teams, all the series that were previously handheld only, a massive selection of indie titles, most major Japenese titles, a handful of ports of some current AAA Western titles, and it was all rounded out with ports of the best games of last generation.

It'd feel almost like a device that gives you access to something as diverse (though not as massive) as the Steam lineup except on the go.

Good luck on your pursuits in Video Game development!

SurgicalMenace308d ago

That's the problem, you guys being completely fine with mediocre ports instead of demanding new IP. Oh it's portable now, but the double standard remains. When the 3DS, PSP, or Vita got gimped ports it was your reason not to buy it, but now the Switch is doing it that makes it acceptable. I guess it's easy when the masses are doing it. The Switch is leagues behind the PSP, 3DS, and the Vita in terms of options, so where is all this acclaim coming from? I cannot seem to see what all the fuse is about while my Switch sits on a shelf. Port after port after port. Overpriced games, while being lesser versions no thank you.

DrJones309d ago

BECAUSE IT'S PORTABLE, Third party games have sold really well because of it. It's not all about graphics silly. Shouldn't this be obvious to you?

SurgicalMenace308d ago

No they've sold well because what other option does anyone have? Either let it sit like mine or convince yourself that playing old games portable is worth the price of admission. Scary when you really think about it, because people are willing to tell themselves that the Switch is any different than the Shield, Vita, Wii U, or otherwise.

I took a moment to turn my Wii U on and in terms of content and performance it dusts the Switch. It's no wonder Nintendo had it taken off of shelves before the Switch launched. It is a enough to amazed at what the Wii U offers in comparison let alone the other systems.

SurgicalMenace307d ago

Did I strike a nerve Dr. Jones?!?! Lol Someone doesn't enjoy the Wii U, I mean, the Switch after 10 million people purchased it?!?! Is Surgical even free to do that? I'm telling Nintendo on YOOOOOOU!! You're going to get it, Surgical!! Lmbo Hilarious.

Imalwaysright309d ago

That's what the 3ds is for.

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