Wait... is Street Fighter 5 Season 3's new character G actually Greg from Bloody Roar?

If you happened to catch the newly revealed Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition intro video last night, then chances are you spotted a mysterious, top hat-wearing character. As of right now, we know that his name is G and believe him to be the rumored "president" fighter we previously heard about -- with his Uncle Sam pose and Abraham Lincoln-esque look being further indicators.

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gangsta_red313d ago

Now this would be the OMG moment of the new year.

Veneno312d ago


G is actually a guy that makes Meth out of his trailer.

BlaqMagiq1312d ago

That's not him either. On that page they're showing his SFV artwork which means he still looks the same.

Silly gameAr312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

If he turns into a gorilla mid fight, then we'll know.

Der_Kommandant312d ago

That can't be a coincidence. Plus Capcom is nailing it lately!