PS4 And Xbox One Comparison Is Silly, “More About The Games” – A Way Out Dev

By now, the whole industry is at least vaguely familiar with A Way Out creator Josef Fares after his outburst at The Game Awards. However, behind this there’s an intensely creative individual who’s passionate about video games. The vision for A Way Out, which focuses on co-op play between two prisoners trying to escape, reflects that.

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There are games from both platforms that appeal to me. Exclusivity is never a deciding factor for when I look at a game. At the very least my #1 reason is FUN. Will I have fun playing the game and if so then I will buy it. Power does not determine the fun factor and neither does exclusivity.

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BlackTar1871927d ago

is anyone saying that exclusives make a game better? Or are they saying Sony exclusives are generally reviewed really well?

freshslicepizza1927d ago

Does he have a special marketing deal with Sony?

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shuvam091926d ago

Totally agree with you there...
It's just some of the most fun games I've played happen to be exclusives...
Bloodborne, Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Ratchet & Clank, Zelda: BotW, Mario Odyssey, Nioh, Nier, Persona 5...
Exclusives don't matter to me...
But when they are great exclusives, it's hard to ignore...

galmi1926d ago

Of all the ps4 exclusives, the ones that are worth if for me that i bought, are bloodborne, the best in my opinion, HZD, Nioh, second best, nier and persona 5

Looking forward to god of war, ghost of tsushima and death stranding

tontontam01926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

"Will I have fun playing the game and if so then I will buy:

You are so dumb not everyone can buy multiple consoles.

I know I would have fun playing mario, so I want to play mario should I buy a ps4?

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If Halo was on PS ... ya wouldn´t write that drivel. THAT is literally the only reason for easily 75% of Xbox owner to keep on riding the same train for decades.

I can understand when someone preferred the 360 over the PS3, but now¿? It makes no sense to stick with a dead platform since 2014? when the only exclusive is Sunset Overdrive.

Yeah i would prolly too get an xbox if i didnt already have a pc, but let´s keep the PC out of the equation and compare both consoles. Objectively speaking the Xbone is the worst offender since Apple´s Pippin.

- lack of Software
- lying PR "puppets" about putting focus on 1st party since 2014 ...
- terrible Interface of the console, still is convoluted
- weaker hardware (2013 - 2017)
- bigger console (2013 - 2017)
- 1x exclusive (if we add "i has a pc" narrative)
- "kinect plays a very important role" ...
- "with the cloud the XBone will get stronger over time" ...
- brand not doing well, according to some outlets other tell you the opposite
- brand appeal (ausk only)
- GaaS 2017 = Broadband Mentality introduced back 2001
- always the same type of games ... every year (pewpewpewpew) except for Cuphead
- their best "soft exclusive" in over a decade!! Totally worth getting a 2nd hand xbox for that game
- Sony sold/shipped 22mill. PS4 in 2016, if we use "internet logic" and assume that the gap is still 2:1 in favour of Sony, MS must have sold/shipped about 10mill. xbones in 2016.

So far this year 2017 partially or mainly due it "PlayAnywhere" they sold -49% less xbones .. the xbox X isnt what ppl. expected it to be, a perfect machine capable to playback 360 at 4K, not so much when it comes to contemporary games. Adding that "dx12 into the cpu" didnt help much and 2 add. TFlops ain´t enough to hit 4K30 "easily".

Overall they´ve been backpedaling since 2013, adding features that initially nobody g.a.f. about it or never have been that important (BC since PS2 days ... only a minority g.a.f.). Where were you all during the ps360 days, when the PS3 had about 99% BC built it for PS1 and PS2 (bar the blue ones) and the 360 had only a "hand ful" of xb2001 ?
I don´t remember the outrage back then ...

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Skankinruby1927d ago

Lol the GAMES you are gonna PLAY are what matters???? Ya don't say

DeadSilence1927d ago

Gaming bolt again? Man...

galmi1926d ago

one day they are the worst source for news, another day, credibility to the max, N4G is beautiful

frostypants1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

No. I know what you mean, but Gaming Bolt is consistently stupid. They are good for maybe one solid editorial piece a year, but the rest is just hot garbage clickbait.

Markusb331926d ago

Yeah next week it will be an article with the opposite view point. These people have no credibility.

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