Electronic Arts' Fall From Grace - A Short History Lesson On What Was Once A Great Company

May: Electronic Arts Inc. was founded and incorporated by Trip Hawkins on May 28, 1982, and is the second largest gaming company in America and Europe by revenue and market strategy. EA is now publishing under household label names which includes but not limited to Madden NFL, FIFA, and EA Sports. In the beginning, they started with a vision to support distinguished smaller studios responsible for its games. Promote programmers and designers and develop in-house gaming as early as the 1990s. EA grew to be one of the juggernauts of the gaming industry by the acquisition of several successful publishers. A dream comes true for these promising studios that may change gaming history. But the truth of the matter is, EA just shows these potentials that they may have the cake but can’t eat it too.

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Seraphim311d ago

early on EA was great. However it didn't take long for that greatness to fade. I'd say that from the introduction of Madden up until around 2004 EA was great. From that point on they've been nothing less than terrible from their acquisitions and closures to their practices.

If you're old enough to have seen EA from inception up to over a decade afterwards you would see that EA was great and good for gaming. A gaming company working for gamers looking to push gaming forward. Not a greedy gaming company working for shareholders and profits as it's become.

Sgt_Slaughter310d ago

EA was once regarded with the some of the best franchises on PC and for consoles, it steadily went downhill right after they bought the license for NFL which pushed 2K out. The greed then continued from then on.