New Zealand says lootboxes 'do not meet the legal definition for gambling'

New Zealand's gambling regulator--the Gambling Compliance office of its Department of Internal Affairs--has told Gamasutra that "the Department is of the view that loot boxes do not meet the legal definition of gambling."

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nitus10398d ago

The New Zealand Gambling laws appear to be a means of controlling something after that something has been defined in law. Basically, this is like putting the cart before the horse. so it's no wonder that loot boxes which are not defined do not constitute gambling.

BTW. I think you need to be a lawyer to understand the legalese of the NZ site.

Contrast the NZ Gambling laws to the Australian Gambling laws (see the following for a legal definition) https://www.communications.... which defines what gambling is and by that definition loot boxes are definitely gambling.

Take a look at the legal definition of gambling in the USA https://definitions.uslegal... and again loot boxes fall into what constitutes gambling.

Just for fun I also looked at what the UK defines as gambling and like New Zealand and again it appears to be a cart before the horse definition http://www.gamblingcommissi... which maybe makes Australian gambling law more like the US gambling law. Now if only we could have something like the first amendment. 😎

zuul9018398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Damn sir, I applaud your dedication to staying informed.
This guy did his research, straight up.

You should seriously get a reddit gold or something for this.

BenjaMan64399d ago

In a few months perhaps all will be back to normal regarding loot boxes and microtransactions. At most, corporations will focus more on making them mostly cosmetic.

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