Fallout 4 New Vegas - New Screenshots Released

The modding team behind Fallout 4 New Vegas has released a new set of screenshots. As its title suggests, this mod brings the world of Fallout New Vegas to Fallout 4. It’s a really promising project and – at least for now – its team seems really passionate about it.

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Tze_Viper312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

These kinds of projects rarely get finished, so Ive trained myself not to get too excited about them.

This one is looking great tho. I recommend checking out Fallout cascadia, the forntier, New California(almost finished) and Fallout Miami.

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Father__Merrin312d ago

Always looks good but the projects are so big they rarely ever get released. I'd rather await a new Vegas remastered

kevnb311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

they should just make it work it render it at a higher resolution without making people pay again, just like fallout 3 on xbox one x. Or the pc version is pretty nice already.

generic-user-name312d ago

Yeah, I love TES Oblivion so when I heard some guys were remaking it as Skybivion I couldn't wait, but I have been waiting, for years. Their youtube channel shows progress, but it's still really slow, last year they said this year, this year they say next year.

Father__Merrin311d ago

They start the project with full Verve, But once food is needed on table they are busy with Thier jobs and won't have much spare time

SunnyZ312d ago

Yeah.... Been waiting for Skywind (Morrowind ported to Skyrim) for like 6 years now...

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Bleucrunch312d ago

New Vegas was THAT GAME back in the day. Sheesh how many hours did I spend on that gem of a classic.

babadivad312d ago

I still have nightmares about cazadors.

Lionsguard312d ago

I can't wait to play it! I'm gonna go finish playing Skywind and Skyblivion! Oh wait...

NoPeace_Walker312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

When the modders were asked about the possibility of this mod on is the reply:
"It will see a release for Xbox One in the near future"

I can't wait to see this on my X! 👍🏼

Unreal01312d ago

LMAO. You have to wait for unofficial modded games as you don't have anything else to play on your X.


kopko311d ago

Why even post such a toxic reply.

EazyC312d ago

Insane levels of talent. I mean, for christ's sake if a few fans can do this with zero funding, how much effort would it really take Bethesda to do this if they wanted to? Not a lot. Those gits will probably shut this down with a lawsuit when it starts making serious headway.

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