How The PlayStation 4 Continues to Dominate in 2017

As the year comes to an end, it's time to talk about how the big three, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. How each console brand has fared this year. It's Sony's turn with the PlayStation 4. With new hardware from competitors with the Nintendo Switch, and more importantly the Xbox One X. How has Sony, not just stayed competitive, but also still find its way on top of the pack in 2017. What the success of the PlayStation 4 means for the future of gaming.

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PhoenixUp309d ago

By continuing to be PlayStation

JaguarEvolved308d ago

Doing the same thing they've been doing since day one by releasing the most and best exclusive games in a console generation.

dirkdady308d ago

It's ps1 and ps2 days in terms of devs having one massive platform to focus rather than a bunch of splintered consoles. Excited about the rise of 2nd party dev relevance like ninja theory with hellblade, From software and frictional games with titles like Soma, etc.

mynd308d ago

You clearly weren't around for the start of this generation if you think Sony have been releasing the most exclusives at the start of this generation.
Hang on I'll just move those goal posts for you.

Power matter! (When ps4 had no decent games beyond indie)
Games Matter! (when its finally got games and being outpowerd)

Reality is Sony has Japan, it has Europe, and MS messed their launch up.

Mr Marvel308d ago

No need to be salty, cupcake.

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chrisx308d ago

Same reason they've dominated since PS1days. Amazing exclusive games

Smitty2020308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

PlayStation 3 didn’t dominate xbox 360 look At the figures

LucasRuinedChildhood308d ago

Considering all of the disadvantages it started out with (360 was a lot cheaper, Arcade 360s were even cheaper, 360 year headstart, XB Live, no voice-chat, 360 started off with better multiplats, etc), it kinda did.

MrVux000308d ago

Actually PS3 overtook Xbox360 in that regards (units sold) at the end of the generation, which is impressive given that Xbox360 had a head-start.

Smitty2020308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Mrvux000 I agree I was just getting my point across that dominate is a big word to use

dirkdady308d ago

I think overall if you look at the 360/PS3 era - PS3 did dominate in terms of exclusives. In the beginning 360 did have some big gets like Bioshock, lost odyssey etc. but after a few years in Microsoft Microsoft stopped getting these. While Sony was cranking out some industry defining titles.

Markusb33308d ago

Not in the begging at all. I had a 360 from launch and loved it but once ps3 dropped the price and had uncharted 2 release I got one. By the end if the generation Sony had more consoles sold which was impressive but ms had funny numbers counting all those broken and replaced consoles as new sales.

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NXFather307d ago

Good thing you said amazing cuz people say its subjective but we know better.

DJK1NG_Gaming308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Not in Japan. Yes in Europe. Switch took more than half of the NPD.
Now 2018 it may take the NPD for the first half,

bluefox755308d ago

You mean a brand new console is selling faster than a 4 year old console in certain regions? Nah, that's crazy talk!

DJK1NG_Gaming308d ago

Yeah that sure did work for Wii U and Vita.

septemberindecember308d ago

It’s funny how you use this as an excuse, but the PS4 is selling more this year than it did it’s first year.

Which means the Switch isn’t competing with the PS4 at its worst, it’s competing with the PS4 at its best.

DialgaMarine308d ago

By the numbers, Japan is an important market when counting sales from individual countries, but overall it has little effect on worldwide sales. Switch may have taken more NPD’s, but it’s quite a bit behind in overall sales for the year in the US. No question that PS4 dominates the rest of the world, and the overall numbers is what really matters.

DJK1NG_Gaming308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Actually it does have an effect on Worldwide sales.
It's the very reason why PS3 caught up to the X360 in worldwide sales.

If you were to take out Japan sales for PS3. PS3 would drop straight to 73 million making it 10 million behind X360. Which would make the X360 selling better.

It only doesn't matter now because PS4 isn't doing so hot in Japan and has been outsold by the Switch since launch except one week where Switch shortage occurred.

Rude-ro308d ago

And let’s say Nintendo sells 50 million consoles this holiday...
It still does not offer what the PlayStation offers.
It is catering to future gamers, ie the kids, and as they mature, they will want to get a console that caters to them.
With the fact that both Nintendo and Sony focus on exclusives, it would be the most natural step up and or side step by owning both.
It’s a win win.
I am glad Nintendo is hitting its stride with both software and hardware, but Nintendo will never go big. They want to be the Disney land of consoles while Sony wants to be the entire state Disney is in.
They work together in respect.

DJK1NG_Gaming308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Wrong. Switch owners are in their late teens to adult.
Nintendo have released info on their demographic every quarter for Switch.
Kids are the lowest amounts.

Rude-ro308d ago

As is most accounts because an adult has to set it up.
But you also missed the side console statement.
Either way, the switch is not going to dominate with major AAA third party games.
It is great it is getting supported, but it will not sway anything other than Nintendo succeeding.
The switch will not control the games the industry or the third party studios. Just like the wii did not control anything. It dominated in sales two consoles ago, but had zero effect on third party games or the success of other consoles.
The Nintendo just caters to a wider range of ages with their family friendly games of which can open the door to more sales.

cyber_daemonx308d ago

Sorry but switch is for kids and nintendo fanboys tbh.

LP-Eleven308d ago

Considering the leaked NPD numbers suggest the Switch did around 800K, while the PS4 did 1.4m, I'd call that domination - before we even GET to EU. Yes, it continues to dominate 2017. No matter what excuses you look for.

OT: The continue to dominate because PlayStation always offers what people want: games.

DJK1NG_Gaming308d ago

Not an excuse when it's a fact.
PS4 isn't dominating Japan. It's not dominating US because Switch has taken half of the market share for this year in US. It's only really dominating in Europe.
All which I stated.
I've even started it may take NPD for the first half of 2018.

I guess yall just turned a blind eye to that.
Yall only want to hear what yall want and don't want to face the facts.

_-EDMIX-_308d ago

@DJK- at the end of the day even with an amazing performance by Nintendo bringing out some of their biggest and best exclusives they could not outsell the PlayStation 4 worldwide.

I mean I want you to consider that the PlayStation 4 outsold the Nintendo switch worldwide not even on the year of its launch not even with a release like The Last of Us 2 or death stranding or God of War or anything like that so how on Earth is it going to continue to compete against PlayStation 4 when PlayStation 4 results selling it on what I would call a normal year?

What happens when those AAA Heavy Hitters do come?

I mean the more you criticize the PlayStation 4 the more you're actually pointing out that even a mediocre year for PlayStation 4 outsells Nintendo's best year....

Nintendo makes a great handheld so I'm not entirely sure why you feel the need to argue against a gaming console dedicated to the television when the Nintendo switch is not even that it is a portable..

Who cares?

LP-Eleven308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

It is an excuse. You're looking for every arbitrary reason to make claims that the PS4 isn't dominating worldwide. It is.

Doesn't matter what you tell yourself. The only fact? Around the world, the PS4 is dominating total hardware sales. Period.

DJK1NG_Gaming308d ago

Except it's not. For it to dominate 2017 it need to take all region. It's only taken half of US, All of Europe and none of Japan.

This is a fact. Am I saying it did terrible no. I am just saying it didn't entirely dominate 2017.

LP-Eleven308d ago

No, it DOESN'T have to dominate every region! Very much a point you just don't get. It's far ahead of every other console for the year. That is a fact. You can keep lying to yourself all you want. It's more embarrassing, at your expense, than anything else.

DJK1NG_Gaming307d ago

Then it not dominating if it doesn't have to dominate every region.

VariantAEC304d ago

By your very same logic Nintendo can't possibly dominating as Switch is top dog in only one region.

Basically your saying that PS4 is top dog in two regions AND the rest of the world but isn't dominating while the Switch somehow is because it has Japan (not Asia just Japan)?
Stop killing your own arguments!
Stop killing your own arguments!
Why are you killing your own arguments!?

LP-Eleven307d ago

It's clear that you don't know what dominating is. Worldwide, the PS4 dominated 2017. Analysts know it. Gamers know it.

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DeadSilence308d ago

Playstation will keep dominating game alongside Nintendo, it's been like that since I can remember and I'm 26.

DialgaMarine308d ago

True. Back in the 90’s, it was literally a question of whether you had a PlayStation or a Nintendo 64; all other consoles were basically irrelevant. Hopefully we hit that point again. The market is far better off that way.

Smitty2020308d ago

Competition is what’s best for the market mate don’t b silly

Atticus_finch308d ago

Smitty You mean good competition.

nowitzki2004308d ago

For me I remember when Nintendo was king, then PS came around.

cha0sknightmare308d ago

By offering the best diverse selection of exclusives. Exclusives that appeal to western gamers, exclusives that appeal eastern gamers, exclusives for kids and familys, exclusives for more mature fans, exclusives for single player fans, exclusives for VR fans.

By offering a machine that can play ALL third party games.

By offering a machine that has online functionality and features expected of a machine in 2017.

By always have blockbuster games to look forward to.

Death308d ago

That explains why PS4 is sold a couple million more consoles in North America to date. Let’s be realistic, if all the reasons you give are accurate, it’s a lot for the relatively small returns in this region alone.

I would be more inclined to believe they are where they are due to their much larger worldwide appeal.

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