Bungie admits that Destiny 2 locked content was a mistake

It seems like every developer is eating humble pie this month, as Bungie follows in the footsteps of EA and rolls back some game changes after an enormous public outcry against Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Curse of Osiris.

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freshslicepizza337d ago

All they care about is selling the game and DLC. I won't be supporting Destiny 3 no matter how good it looks.

Seraphim335d ago

or D2 and it's further expansions. If they'd only admit they don't provide enough content, a sizable world with a decent amount of end game content and so on. I've been saying this for years but... They need to talk to Blizz. Destiny, for lack of a better term is an MMO and needs a substantial base, content, dailies, weeklies and events to keep it interesting and keep gamers playing.

Instead, yet again we got another Vanilla game with DLC that has microscopic content & was essentially stripped of everything that made D1 what it finally was. And Raid Lairs? It's as if this was cut from D2 and pushed for for the DLC. We get this tiny place called Mercury? This DLC was embarrassing and unlike DLC/Season Passes of past that offered limited content there's no reason this shouldn't have been a free DLC considering it's lack of content and substance.

Then of course there's the decisions that were made. Trading Bounties for Challenges. Shaders and Mods and fact we are again in an inventory crisis.

PoE was great, why not something like it alongside Raids and other end game content. Of course surely at some point they'll continue to add very little content while removing some. How about Events? Iron Banner was gimped and is useless while Faction Rallies in theory were something but still far short. How about Christmas or Holidays event, Summer Solstice, etc.

Personally Im out for Season 2 as are a majority of friends. All of whom have griped but stood by Destiny because at it's base it is a solid and great game. But far too many times has Bungie under delivered. Offering minimal DLC, no additional content, no/not enough events to keep things interesting, etc... They really should have started base D2 with the world that was D1 and added to it. Making it a sizable amount of land and areas while making some changes. Perhaps even offering upgraded things such as PoE, keeping some and/or upgrading strikes, perhaps even reintroducing old Raids. But just think about having the worlds from D1 and D2 as the base of D2. That would have been an MMO world start. That still doesn't address content and end game issues but it does leave a variety of planets and areas to still enjoy.

Heart-hat-ack334d ago

That's exactly what I said after the first one, and why, I haven't spent a dime on this garbage. How come all these developers only realise their decisions are wrong AFTER they are implemented and gouged the consumers. I think they know exactly what they are doing.

fiveby9334d ago

I think after playing D1 / D2 and witnessing the EA/DICE SWBF2 debacle, I have to wholeheartedly agree with you. I never prebought the D1 expansions but fell for the D2 hype I bought D2 and the expansion pass before release and regret it. I incorrectly believed that Bungie would deliver on their intentions. I won't be taken in again by them. It's sad though, Destiny gameplay feels so good. Oh well.

SixFragz334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Rest assured, you won't be missing anything about Destiny 3. It will look just like Destiny 2 (aka Destiny 1.3), which means it will look exactly like Destiny 1, which means you'll be playing an exact clone of the 1st game, which means you will be wasting money, which means companies will be getting richer for doing virtually nothing, which means the industry will think it's okay to make lackluster titles, which means the gaming industry will continue to go to turd...

which means that it would be impossible for you to support Destiny 3 (aka Destiny 1.35) "no matter how good it looks" because there is no chance that it will look good. It will look just like Destiny 1.

indyman7777334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

The thing is it is a 'mistake' because they didn't get away with it.
Funny I thought a mistake is when the wide receiver ACCIDENTALLY drops the football
(point is it is not on purpose). They did what they did on PURPOSE.

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Liqu1d336d ago

They did the same thing in Destiny 1 and no one cared. They're basically trying to force people into buying their overpriced DLC whether they like it or not.

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TheSaint334d ago

I cared that they did that with Destiny.

Ciporta1980335d ago

Sold my copy on eBay now so tough

KwietStorm335d ago

I don't remember the last time a new IP that was this hyped had so much potential, but turned into a big waste of gigabytes.

r3f1cul335d ago

i remember exactly ... destiny 1 lol most over rated franchise in recent memory...

Krysis335d ago

I disagree D1 was one of my favorite games of all time. I enjoyed the content well enough but it was the fact I was a Demigod running around their world. D2 is the exact opposite of D1 and by comparison it's garbage.

Gaming4Life1981334d ago

Destiny was garbage but I did like control pvp but Destiny 2 is plain trash.

KwietStorm334d ago

I said a new IP. I'm talking about Destiny, period.

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