The 10 best Star Wars games of all time

Get fired up for The Last Jedi by revisiting these gems.

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Hardiman310d ago

Mine are Shadow of the Empire and Rouge Squadron on the N64, Rouge Squadron II on GameCube, Knights of the Old Reblic on Xbox and The Force Unleashed on PS3!

ClanPsi1309d ago

The Force Unleashed was so bad, though. The story was one gigantic plot hole, and the gameplay was inferior to Jedi Knight in every single way.

bloop309d ago

I really enjoyed Force Unleashed, and I think they absolutely nailed gameplay (apart from some awful boss fights and overuse of qte's). I thought the force gameplay mechanics were awesome and well implemented.

ClanPsi1309d ago

You essentially just said "I think they absolutely nailed the gameplay, except for the gameplay in half of the game."

bloop309d ago

Uh, no, that's not what I said. Half the game wasn't qte's and boss fights.

ClanPsi1308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

It's literally half the game. You go through a room being all cool with force powers, then you're hit with a qte. Then you go through another room, and then fight a boss. It's half the game.

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Sciurus_vulgaris310d ago

EA Battlefront 2 the second greatest Star Wars game of all time really.....

My personal favorite Star Wars games
(I really haven’t played through many Star Wars games).

1. Kotor
2. Star Wars Republic Commando
3. Kotor 2
4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)
5. Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

ClanPsi1309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

It's #3 on that list, but yeah, really dumb. It doesn't belong in existence, let alone in a top ten list.

Fist4achin309d ago

Many overlook republic commando. I absolutely loved it and agree with where you have it!

SegaGamer310d ago

The Jedi Knight series captured the Star Wars feel better than any other Star Wars game in my opinion. I'm not saying that other Star Wars games haven't done the same, but none of them did it as well as the Jedi Knight games.

Gority309d ago

Could not agree more. That series and the two KOTORs are tied for my top spot.

SegaGamer308d ago

With E.A holding the license?......i don't know if i want to see that to be honest. It's got disaster written all over it.

Vectrexer309d ago

For me
The Original Star Wars Arcade
Rogue Squadron (PC)
Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
The Force Unleashed Xbox 360!
Super Star Wars
Shadows of the Empire (PC)
Dark Forces

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