Justice League VR Review: A DC Dud | Upload

The Justice League VR game is finally available on home headsets but it's short, soddy and entirely forgettable; give it a miss.

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Apocalypse Shadow362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Nothing new here. Just more license garbage where the developer and the company didn't care about making a quality game but a tie in to advertise the movie. Shame really.

I just finished playing The Mummy on PS4 which was a great Metroidvania game. But since they added Contra to the mix, it was more like a "Controidvania" game. At least the developer wanted to make a good game.

Justice League could have been better and blown away the mobile game. But its poor showing has no bearing on how awesome VR is. Even though you still got some naysayers knocking VR for its misses but not praising it for its hits.

ccgr362d ago

Bummer was hoping this would be good