Developer defends ‘f the Oscars’ rant from The Game Awards

The indie developer whose “f the Oscars” rant at The Game Awards 2017 went viral last week doesn’t regret his outburst, telling Polygon that he got “caught up in the moment.”

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2pacalypsenow364d ago

I'm confused, what is wrong with the Oscars?

Septic363d ago

Leonardo Di Caprio got one for the wrong film and too late

2pacalypsenow363d ago

He should have 3-4 Oscars by now.

Relientk77362d ago

Yeah hands down agree with that and what 2pacalypsenow said. He's a phenomal actor.

Goldby361d ago

Hopefully the Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio Joker origins film goes through.

Amazing actor

Nyxus363d ago

He explains what he meant by that in the interview.

CaptainObvious878361d ago

I'd like to read the story but refuse to give that sjw cesspool that is polygon a click.

freshslicepizza361d ago

It's made up of older people who really don't know what entertainment is.

rainslacker361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

The Oscars are given by the Screen Actor's guild, and is made up of people that are part of the screen actors guild. The people who vote every year changes, and it is made up of previous winners, as well as people in the industry.

I'd say those people probably are more in tune with what a movie should be is more than what I see winning most awards from VGA. So, it's quite a strong thing to say "F the Oscars" by some narcissistic developer who thinks that whatever the VGA's represent is in any way comparable to what the Oscar's represent.

You win an Oscar, and you are recognized for life. You win a VGA, and no one cares by the next year.

rainslacker361d ago

Nothing really. Unlike the VGA's, its a structured and respected enterprise that is accepted and supported by the industry that it represents, and everyone who watches it(conspiracy nuts aside).

One can F the oscars all they want, but the VGA's have a long way to go to be in a place that the Oscars are.

DangerousDAN361d ago

Sean Penn beat Johnny Depp for best actor.

Retroman361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Josef Fares saved the Gaming Award show being fking honest . that alone deserve a Oscar . to say FK Ea was Spectacular .
Rest of the show became boring . lost intrest zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Oh' did i fall asleep ?

mafiahajeri361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

@Goldby Heard about that a while back, sounds too good to be true.

I'll take anything to wipe away the memory of Leto's Joker...

Imagine the movie ending with Leonardo DiCaprio putting on the purple suit and makeup laughing as the credits roll...

The sequels wouldn't need Batman, it could be about Joker taking over Gotham, but if I know Scorsese it'll be one and done which if fine too, considering the caliber of his movies.

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NordicRainy363d ago

No need to defend, the best moment of the show by far.

slate91362d ago

Good! Don't apologize for that epic moment. It made the night and made me want to buy his game.

zuul9018361d ago

Thats weird... you want to buy it not based on anything about the game but because he said "f the oscars"?
What if i say that, will you give me $20?

DangerousDAN361d ago

I suppose he wants to support a guy that's passionate about his industry. Maybe...

DillyDilly362d ago

The Game Awards sucks just as much as the Oscars do

thelaughingwiseman362d ago

Yeah, it was in bad taste. There were some people who are actors, writers, directors and registered with the Screen Guild, who were in attendance and might have taken offense to those remarks. He might not care for them, but those people strive to achieve their goal of winning one of Acting's prestigious awards, in an Oscar.
It was funny as hell. I understand his views too. Games are now being considered an art form in the mianstream medias view. But it should not be compared to movies. Its it's own thing. Like Books are their own art, like painting, or other forms of art.

RegorL362d ago

Yea, someone like Josef Fares?

Yes, thats the man himself!

thelaughingwiseman361d ago

Or Guillermo Del Toro, or Norman Reedus. There were others in attendance. Guillermo agrees that Video games are a new main stream art form, but he is not critiquing the Acting/Writing guilds.

rainslacker361d ago

Even if compared to movies, you don't gain respect for video games among the masses by putting down other forms of entertainment. The oscars have gained their reputation, and were no more than the VGA's were now at one point in time before most of us were born. If anything, the Oscars started on a much smaller scale.

The thing is, the Oscars also have awards for video game based performances, you just never hear about them. They started this a while ago because a lot of actors that belonged to the SAG were doing video games, although a lot of it had to do with the SAG wanting to make developers into a guilded shop.

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