Is Nintendo Switch really as successful as we think it is?

Comparing Wii U and 3DS to Nintendo Switch is not completely fair, of course. The product is very different to both devices, there will have been a significant cross-over between the Wii U and 3DS audience, and 3DS' price point was (and is) significantly lower. In addition, Nintendo's investment in smartphone games may effectively replace its legacy handheld business over time.

Nevertheless, if Nintendo wants to have a bigger generation this time around, then it needs to beat 85 million. The 100 million Switch sales figure that Nintendo has casually suggested in its financial calls now look more like a genuine sales target. It's been a decent first year, but we are a long way away from reaching those figures.

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ABizzel1314d ago

Yes, for the most part.

Switch is doing very well, but gaming as a whole has become significantly more popular, so gamers are buying consoles much sooner than traditionally which is why the Wii U, PS4, XBO, and Switch all had some of the best launches of all time.

That being said the Switch also benefited from a full global launch Day 1, which is rare for most devices. It's also why the hardware supply issues hit hard globally, because the others can focus on a region(s) with less supply issue.

Overall the Switch is tracking above the XBO and below the PS4 and if it aligned with the launch of both consoles, it would be somewhere around 55m - 60m if it's sales stayed steady. So yes the Switch is doing very good.

Is it the huge mega seller people are acting like it is. No, but it's definitely tracking to on par to hit global sales matching the combined sales of 3DS and Wii U, which is a great turn around for Nintendo's console and handheld business, although they'd want it to sell more.

Gemmol314d ago

despite the shortages from Switch, I think it will pass Sony 1st year sales, once the holidays numbers are added up.....since the ps4 have holiday sales with their be much easier to compare 12 months worth of sales........

and since the Switch is tracking 14 days less than ps4 10 million sales, its possible the holiday numbers can give the jump needed by time it reach 12 months to eclipse sony 1st year

eagle21314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

This December will be in Nintendo record books. Maybe not as much as Wii did December 2009...but on par with DS December's.....more than enough to smile about. Factor in Japan and

These are NPD US sales only!

Nintendo DS (December 2008): 3.08 million
Nintendo DS (December 2009): 3.31 million
Nintendo Wii (December 2009): 3.81 million ...the current US holiday sales record....

ABizzel1313d ago

PS4 and Switch will not have similar results for "holiday numbers" in their first year, because the PS4 launched during the holiday thus limiting the supply to production yields. Switch won't have that issue during its holiday season considering is 8 - 9 months after launch.

PS4's comparable holiday season was a whole year later.

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joab777313d ago

Everyone everywhere NEEDS to take notice! The Switch is successful for two reason, Zelda and Marion! Had those two released in year one of the WiiU, the same thing would have happened. Software drives sales!

Gemmol313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

bro both had shortage and if you want to be honest Switch shortage lasted more months, and still have shortage, look at Japan still begging for systems.......November to November or whatever month ps4 came out, vs switch March 2017 to March 2018......Switch will pass what ps4 did in 1 year even with all the shortages

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EddieNX 314d ago

Yes. It's doing well here in UK I've noticed

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Big_Game_Hunters314d ago

Well it hit 10 Mil around a similar timeframe as PS4 so i would say so .

kevnb314d ago

Yes, the question is can it keep it up? I see no signs of it slowing down, especially when that pokemon game comes out.

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