Mature Games Will Keep Coming to Switch, Because This is a New Nintendo

"Over the years, Nintendo has often been associated with a younger fan-base, and with some of its most famous intellectual properties being Mario, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon, that sentiment is understandable. As you know, it has rarely steered them wrong in the past; they are one of the most successful gaming publishers for a reason. However, Nintendo seems to be pushing for mature software with the Switch. Recent actions by the company are proving once again that it’s not the same company it was just one console generation ago." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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362d ago
362d ago

Cause it always did!

Let's hope this is really a new Nintendo!

Jaypi03362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Word like "Mature" seem silly to me, most grown "mature" gamers are the ones clamoring for Pokemon and Mario while the "Immature" gamers are the ones who drool over Call of Duty and the next bloody grey shoot em up. I feel like Nintendo has been associated with kiddy games, by insecure fanboys who base their identity off the games they play vs just playing what you want cause it's fun/enjoyable.

Odyssey, Zelda, and Splatoon take more skill to tap into their deeper tactics and puzzles the than the latest shooting gallery simulator which as you following tutorials and holding your hand until you reach the end.

gangsta_red362d ago

'Mature' is a term a lot of gamers use when their really just kids.

gangsta_red362d ago

Damn, I'm going to blame auto correct for that there.

showtimefolks362d ago

Mature as in games that tackle mature subjects like GTA and the torture section, the last of us

But I agree majority of the games releasing today are only mature by name because end of the day they are trying to target the audience that can make them the most money

Skankinruby362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I'm 35 years old, I got an NES brand new. I was a humongous Nintendo fan all the way through the 64 era, but then it became very redundant and simplistic with gimmicky controls as a selling point.
BOTW and Mario Odyssey may very well be as good as the reviews say, but they're still the same damn games Nintendo has been leaning on for over three decades and I am no longer impressed.
So if they take this route and start releasing more 'mature' games that are new and fresh then I say bring it, hopefully they have taken a note or two from sony.

michellelynn0976362d ago

I am sure you are. Or you could be lying. I have seen edmix and others claim to be fans only to let their true feelings be known.

G3ng4r361d ago

Each subsequent mario/zelda brings changes you won't find in a series like uncharted and nintendo's development teams make sony's look like scrubs. Nice try though.

Realms362d ago

Maturity has nothing to do with age Nintendo makes games designed for younger audiences they have been for a very long time. Their games are fun but you won't find any of their games pushing boundaries or expanding the medium forward. Bayonetta has been the most explicit game and it is nowhere near to being realistic in anyway, mature games can be categorized by content meaning gore, extreme violence sexual themes so when it comes to games that is why many gamers call Nintendo games kiddy since most of their games are rated E for everyone.

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eagle21362d ago

Nintendo is going to be so rich by using common

michellelynn0976362d ago

Also, games like Doom, Skyrim, RE and LA Noire have done well. This makes a huge difference.

Skankinruby362d ago

All good games, but all on other consoles and have been for awhile. Nintendo needs something fresh and exclusive.

michellelynn0976362d ago

They are working on them. People gotta remember, lanunch years are usually filled with older ports. Arms is new, Golf Story is new.

Chevalier362d ago

Bayonetta 3 is a nice start and re-releasing 1-2 again so they can bring in new fans as well. It would be nice to see some new IPs though.

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