Detroit: Become Human Handles Heavy Themes like Abuse with Care - Game Revolution

Game Revolution had a recent hands-on preview of Detroit: Become Human at PSX, and walked away from it know that it is handling heavy themes like abuse with care.

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Hardiman313d ago

Great read and Detroit does indeed look to deliver an amazing branching narrative that I can't wait to jump into!

SCW1982313d ago

Funny I just read GameInformer's preview and they pretty much say the exact opposite.

perezca313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Very interesting! I just found it and read it. Our scenarios went really differently. I had about a 5 minute scene just with them sitting at dinner before any of the bad stuff happened and the table was never flipped over, but I also was obedient to every objective instantly. It seems them taking their time doing stuff made a strangely huge difference how things played out. It brings up a concerning point of how someone's playthrough of this game could affect their opinion on it and what score they will give it. But I agree that QTE's do kinda suck. (This is only regarding the Kara section, btw. I didn't play the hostage one)

perezca313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

I read IGN's preview. Pretty similar to mine. I think we probably got the same ending and everything. It's concerning how divided people might be on Detroit just because of the very different scenarios

bolimekurac312d ago

is the whole game a qte fest?? if so whats different between this and any other qte game besides the story, are we actually getting excited over qte