Horizon Zero Dawn’s racial diversity is no mistake

Polygon: "I’ve spent so much time watching people use “lore” as reason to forgive uninspired writing or character design that I was unprepared for Horizon Zero Dawn to invert the familiar formula. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a fantastical story that set up “implausible” diversity and then followed through with an explanation."

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moegooner88310d ago

GG put so much effort into making the lore and universe as authentic as possible. Even as someone in the science field myself, I was often blown away by how far they went to make the scientific research logs as believable as possible. Something that many reviewers strangely didn’t point out.

Hardiman310d ago

It's rare I seek out all data logs in games but finding them were on of my favorite parts in the game!

nitus10310d ago

I haven't played HZD "yet" (on my "to do" list) although I have played Oblivion and Skyrim. One feature I did like was the ability to collect and read "books" and "papers" which IMHO added to the mythos of the games.

Septic310d ago

Because those reviewers may not be in the science field like you to be able to recognise/ appreciate it?

moegooner88310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

You don’t have to be a specialist to realize how much work went into the research behind the game. The author of this Polygon article points this out, ironically, the Polygon review didn’t mention any of this.

gangsta_red310d ago

That's because Polygon is funded by scientific researchers.

KwietStorm310d ago

Reviewers leaving out depth and lore? Nothing strange at all about that.

Hardiman310d ago

The level of detail that went into the lore, characters, cultures and narrative is top notch!

It's rare for a brand new IP to feel so fleshed out and established. It still blows me away that a studio that specialized in FPS delivered such a compelling open world action RPG!

RGB310d ago

Another laughably bad SJW piece by a failing website.
The Witcher is based on folklore around the European nations in medieval times.
Wars of the Roses is an actual documented history war between two royal houses in Northern England.
Horizon is great, I love it, stop putting bullshit agendas into entertainment. Let creative minds dictate what they want from their creations. Make your own massively impressive fantasy world if it's that important to you ffs!

TampaJoey310d ago

Crybaby Snowflakes try to hijack everything to push their BS.

_-EDMIX-_310d ago

Exactly. Its like...not sure if they've took a peak at America before, but its not just 1 demographic.

danoman64310d ago

And the creative minds at GG wanted to show diversity in their game, which you seem to have a problem. What is wrong with an article pointing out a fact in a game? What is SJW about diversity in a game?

ThatGuyDart310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I think the OP was criticizing the author not because of the praise for Horizon but it's slander of The Witcher series and I agree with his/her genreral premise.

Video game devs should be allowed to freely create any type of concept and world they want and whether these works have diversity or not is purely up to them. Some are free to not like The Witcher for its lack of diversity but to say "it should have been such and such way" is invalid. No The Witcher is fine as it was created, so was Horizon Zero Dawn.

Angerfist310d ago

The whole diversity agenda is an obsession about race. Thats what is the problem.

RGB310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

10 downvotes because people are snowflakes or can't read... Nice.

I love Horizon, I have no issue with it using diversity as part of it's story, nor would I care if it was all white people. It played great, had a cool narrative and characters weren't forced in my opinion, Horizon is my personal Game of the Year.

I am however annoyed at the article BS attempt at expecting diversity in medieval Europe and especially Northern England, total BS to change literal history (regarding the Wars of the Roses) to hit agenda quotas.

danoman64310d ago

I actually do believe the witcher does luck diversity, and NO, i am not talking about ethnic, am talking about culture, Crusades and more. Medieval period began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Now please don't misunderstand, the Witcher is a very beautiful game, i was just expecting more given the time period. Now the devs at CD project can just say they didn't want to include that, and that is ok, i see nothing wrong with that, but as i said, it lucks some elements that were present during that time period.

_-EDMIX-_310d ago

@ThatGuy- ohhh


That doesn't make any sense to slander The Witcher because of that especially considering the fictional place that The Witcher is set in.

The diversity or lack thereof inside of The Witcher make sense based on the narrative and I would say it's diverse in regards to the species that the world narrative support in terms of elves, Dwarfs etc.

Horizon zero Dawn is diverse based on its narrative because clearly it is going to be set in a specific region in the world that was diverse in the first place.

Both games have the demographics they have to support a specific narrative.

I completely agree with you that video games should be able to support the concepts that they support.

Both games have the demographics they have for different reasons.

danoman64310d ago

I misread what you wrote

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Pintheshadows310d ago

I actually don't mind it in Horizon. It makes sense that there would be loads of races if we have had to rebuild after our civilization ends in the shadow of a ruined city. Horizon's world suffers from Tribalism instead.

TheOttomatic91310d ago

This is a Polygon article which means it’s mandatory to take it with a grain of salt.

bluefox755310d ago

You can tell when playing the game the developers were obviously pushing the diversity angle. The thing is, the game is actually good and it can get away with forced diversity. If you make a bad game, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

spicelicka310d ago

I think it's more than that. It is set in a fictitious time period where it's entirely possible for it to be as diverse as it likes. Even games that are set in a fictional past are criticized because people take issue with locations and cultures having "incorrect" diversity. This is a game set in the far far future, many countries are diverse now so this future makes sense anyway.

generic-user-name310d ago

I think Horizon is an example where the diversity doesn't feel forced and thanks to the story it makes sense.

ginsunuva308d ago

It was still a bit weird that half of everyone is of a single race, and the other half is mostly one other race, with like 10% other

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