Monster Hunter: World Will Receive Free Post-Launch Monster DLC

Capcom plans to support Monster Hunter: World with numerous free post-launch updates that will include, among other things, new monsters.

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UCForce311d ago

That’s pretty good, Capcom. It will help developer more transparent with community.

aarogree311d ago

And with luck it will rub off on other game companies.

naruga311d ago

i would definately prefer more a complete MH world G physical version with all the DLC included (or whatever they wanted to add afterwards) ....thouhg i belive that at the end of its cycle they will release somthing completed -all included

aarogree311d ago

While I prefer that too, remember that Monster Hunter: World is meant to be an MMO, and MMOs need constant updates to keep players invested and coming back for more.

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

??? But those complete versions clearly release after the fact which technically means you prefer to just wait until you can get a version that already has all the content which I'm not entirely sure what's the point because it's coming for free anyway.

fenome311d ago

Sounds good to me. I'll gladly support a game that plans on supporting me.

aarogree311d ago

I was going to buy the game anyway, but now I want to buy it even more.

Lovable311d ago

Sounds like Evolve fiasco...oh wait that went total opposite...kek

aarogree311d ago

Not sure I follow. Or are you just having a laugh?

TheColbertinator311d ago

Evolve gameplay sucks though regardless of what paid IGN reviews say.

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

Nice. It's good to see Capcom going the Ubisoft Microsoft and Electronic Arts route with the free content.

xPhearR3dx311d ago

What? Capcom has always given free DLC for Monster Hunter. They've been doing that for years.

aarogree310d ago

Yes, but not everyone knows that.

rocketpanda311d ago

Publishers out there, if you want bonus good guy points and PR, offer some free DLC when your game launches, even if it's something simple.

Tecmo Koei gave all Nioh players free golden armor sets soon after the game launched on the PS4 as a thankful for it's success.

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