Dauntless Is a Monster Hunter-Like with Real Potential

Caught between a rock and a hard Behemoth.

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Servbot41363d ago

I don't know how anyone who's played the Beta for MHW could even consider Dauntless to be a serious competitor. MHW has entire ecosystems and far better controls, weaponry, and gameplay. All Dauntless offers is a bunch of overpriced founder packs because they're aware their game is as dead as Lawbreakers once MHW releases.

xPhearR3dx363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

As a MH fan since it's original release on PS2, I honestly don't think that will be the case. Sure, if anyone says the concept isn't a 1:1 rip off they're clearly delusional. However, it does do enough to stand out on its own. The upgrade system is completely different, and combat is simpler but still challenging and a bit more faster pace.

It's not like there's 100 MH type games similar to PUBG. Also as a F2P game sometime next year I can totally see these games co-existing just fine. I'm glad for it. When I'm burnt out on MH waiting for new monsters to release, I can fill that void with Dauntless. It has a way to go before being F2P though. The gameplay is fine for the most part but the UI, menus, quest system is very, very early access.

MH Worlds is by far the superior game, but I'm glad it's starting to bring out more competition. I've wanted this franchise to flourish in the West since 2003. I think it's finally about to have its time.