Curse Of Osiris Isn't Destiny 2 At Its Best, But Lays Foundations For The Future (TSA)

Destiny 2 is a strange game. Obviously it was hugely anticipated by fans of the first game, and Bungie gave their all to streamline the experience. What we ended up with was a game that addressed a lot of the complaints that the original faced, with a much more engaging open world and a more compelling central story – if not particularly groundbreaking – but one which eventually left long term fans thinking, “Is that it? What do I do now?”

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maybelovehate336d ago

So far I have enjoyed it. The grind is back with the Forge which was what we all wanted. The grind will be doubled tomorrow with Masterwork weapons. They upped the rewards for the Leviathan Raid so we still have reasons to do it which is very welcome after what happened with Vault of Glass in Destiny 1. They added possibly the best boss encounter ever in Destiny with Argos. Infinite Forest is fun for the 3 times a week we will be doing it. Campaign was short but sweet and also not over as we know there is at least one more main Quest line involving Saint 14 and hopefully more.

New exotics are especially compelling right now with Prometheus being what everyone is using. The two new Crucible maps are hit and miss, with 1 being amazing the other just so so.

Overall, I think it is a solid DLC. Obviously nowhere close to Taken King but that was a full expansion but I would rate it much higher than The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

Kane22336d ago

I'm sorry to break it to you. but the rewards from the raid isn't "upped" at all. all they did was make the rewards drop to a higher power that's it. the raid still has a horrible loot system. getting tokens isn't what people wanted from the raids...and the "infinite" forest feels more like a tech demo than anything else. and the story was just a big no. not once did I care about "saving" Osiris. also, most of those forge weapons have horrible perks to we're grinding crap weapons...

maybelovehate336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Upped = higher.. For the mentally impaired. Which gives us a reason to do it so we can infuse and level our gear..

So far I like all the Forge Weapons. The Scout and Hand Cannon in particular. The perks aren't horrible. Fast reload on the scout is awesome, lightweight on the hand cannon is so welcome. I enjoyed the story. It wasn't really about saving Osiris, it was learning about what he was up to, or more so the Vex. But I wouldn't expect someone with limited reading comprehension to understand that. Or even be able to read the Lore Tabs.

D3TH_D33LR336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

The forge grind is garbage. The loot drops are wasting my time and when I’ve got to do 10+ public events I’m just going to play something else after no forge items after 3 heroic events. Literally all this add on gave us was 2 new strikes and a raid lair. Everything else is forgotten about after the two hour campaign.

I love destiny but you’re blind to the problems if you think this dlc was solid and you must be mentally impaired if you truly believe increasing the light added anything of value to this game. It’s a superficial grind and the increased caps did absolutely nothing to change the game beyond pushing non dlc owners behind a level capping paywall.

maybelovehate336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Two new strikes, two new PVP maps, a new raid lair, new gear to earn across all vendors, new exotics to earn, new ornaments to earn, new emotes to earn, new Shaders to collect, new ghost shells with new perks, forge weapons to earn, new story missions for Meditations, new Heroic Adventures for Infinite Forest to earn gear and chance at exotic chests as well as mats for Forge. It's ok to not like it but the flat out dishonesty regarding the content is getting pretty humorous. We get it you want to hate. But come up with valid points.

Also the light level is important because of the ornaments if you want them. Which I do. So I need to get that higher light level. And I need to increase multiple weapons to do so. And hopefully I will get masterwork versions of the weapons as well.

fenome336d ago

I still need to pick up the complete edition of the first one, then eventually I'll pick up the complete edition of this one too.

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InTheZoneAC336d ago

Should be a free update based in headline. This feels like the smallest update we've had, like house of Wolves small.

TampaJoey336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Destiny 2 is a shallow watered-down version of Destiny made for filthy casuals. Log in once a week for an hour and claim your participation trophy. Static rolls suck. Crappy skill trees. Token system is complete garbage. I could go on for days... or you can just go over to the Destiny 2 forums on or Reddit to read what a train-wreck Destiny 2 is from the community comments.

joab777336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

I sure hope not. 100 new items in the Eververse when we have been wanting rewards for activities for months. Locking ppl out of content from vanilla D2, including content like heroic strikes that came with vanilla D1. Clearing our vault for D2 and then selling us back exotics from D1 that we already earned. Introducing one of the best characters in Destiny lore, and spending 10 seconds with him, learning nothing about him or the vex. No Scannables at all? Leaving our vault at 200, which was already full and then having us grind for new gear. AND, the worst part of all, introducing the Infinite Forest, which is really six different variables that you would have thought were just crafted if they had never told you! The potential for that space is tremendous! But instead, it's a HUGE wasted opportunity.

I'm having some fun because at its core it's Destiny, but I really hope it is NOT a foundation for future content. The raid lair is great as always, and leveling is the best part of the game. But we need real progression, more than one stat that is meaningful. And a damn LORE TAB!

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