Goldeneye 007's IP Just Became A Lot Less Complicated

A recent Nintendo Copyright has expired on Goldeneye 007, could this mean that the game could be seeing new life soon?

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Bleucrunch1873d ago

Goldeneye, it was a great game for its time back then. Make a new James bond video game from scratch, in the third person and showcase a true espionage game with one of the best characters in the fictional world to do it. I would say have Kojima Productions or The same studio behind Splinter Cell games in at Ubisoft work on the game and start something BIG. Just my two cents.

TheVetOfGaming1873d ago

You're right. It was great in its time, but it's pretty dated now. They should just keep it as it is: done with.

Vegamyster1873d ago

I'd like to see the cancelled XBLA version be brought back, it's obviously doesn't hold up compared to other games but i would still enjoy it:

gangsta_red1873d ago

I agree completely, for it's time it was phenomenal but there have been plenty games since that have outshined GoldenEye completely.

Time to let the game rest in peace and be remembered as the classic it was.

nirwanda1873d ago

Goldeneye was good if a little slow, had plenty of still unused ideas even now, why nobody has copied goldeneye's approach to different difficultly levels I will never know, maybe most companies don't think it's worth the extra effort.

TheFirstClassic1873d ago

Nah its clunky but there are several things it does that sets it apart from other shooters. I would love a remake.

nirwanda1873d ago

@cpayne I don't really want a remake as it's a bit slow and clunky like you said, but I would like more games to implement different objectives into skill settings, or even better coop with different objectives like perfect dark zero.

Mr_Writer851873d ago

They did a remake on last gen consoles.

TheFirstClassic1873d ago

I mean a game that stays true to the original design more, not the cod skin remake. Really just the same game with updated controls and graphics.

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MPScrimshaw1873d ago

Eh, just play Hitman 2016

343_Guilty_Spark1873d ago

I wouldn’t want Kojima doing Bond at all.

SUCKxITxEZ1873d ago

The only reason it hasn't aged well is because the controller on the n64 is ridiculous and the fps was in the single digits. With those fixed I think the game would still hold up well, the Timesplitters games do in my opinion. Online multiplayer would be cool too.

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Tapani1873d ago

Hitman studios could do a great espionage type of a Bond game next. An IP like that would probably save IO Interactive financially, too.

morganfell1873d ago I would rather not see a Bond game where there is a dinner party and there are twice as many guards as guests.

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_-EDMIX-_1872d ago

I love the Hitman series and I think IO interactive is a great team but I also only know them to do one type of game so I'm not entirely sure I could say this would make sense or would work.

strayanalog1873d ago

How dare the author mention GoldenEye Rouge Agent! And as a sequel no less!

Well I suppose this announcement could be seen as more a good happening than a bad, because let's face it, you aren't going to tarnish the original's legacy whatsoever. It's simply classic now.

DillyDilly1873d ago

Didnt Microsoft get this remade for XBOX Live on the 360 before Nintendo stopped it ?

Sciurus_vulgaris1873d ago

Yes MS did remake the game, but Nintendo backed out of the agreement, leading to the project being canceled.

DillyDilly1873d ago

Nintendo & Microsoft should now finish it & in return it also goes on the Switch with Multiplayer OMFG that would sell the Nintendo MP on the Switch

NotoriousWhiz1872d ago

lol, more likely it gets remade for xbox one. But it would be nice if it came to the Switch.

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