Prepare yourself youngsters. Here's the most experienced Pro Gaming Team ever

Is age just a number? Well it surely is a number but it doesn't matter if you are a first generation gamer and your first love was Pong as long as you got the fire of competition in you! Today's most viral news is dedicate to the eldest but most ferocious CS:GO gaming team you will ever encounter: The Silver Snipers!

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Petebloodyonion407d ago

Glad to know that I might be in shape to play game at the age of 71 :)

FTANK407d ago

I have a feeling there will be a lot of looking down at their keyboards or controllers to look for the right buttons

BlacKJesu5407d ago

That's happens with young people

Scatpants407d ago

I'm surprised they have the twitch reaction time to compete.

ViralGamesNews403d ago

Thank you so much for your support gamers! :D Lately we had some issues here at N4g and we are so glad that there are someone who find our contents amusing! It makes us go forward in spite of everything