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Jonathan: In 2011 Bethesda developed a game that was so massive and gorgeous that its popularity and hype lengthen to this generation. This year, The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim was released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation VR. The Nintendo Switch version surprises us with its on-the-go concept. It showed that the game was a perfect fit for the handheld console because of its huge open-world. I doubted its capability at first but I didn’t expect the game to be this good. I could play Skyrim and beat it once again since this time I can bring and play the game anywhere.

Then aside from its handheld version, now we get the exclusive virtual reality mode – well, it’s not entirely an add-on but a standalone title. So, okay, hold on. A game that is almost a few hundred hours is coming to PlayStation VR? It was a stressful experience, unfortunately.

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