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does it block content for vanilla players? Yes, but so did Destiny and no one cared at the end. Does the loot box stuff ruin the experience? Ruin is a very big word, but I would say it kinda diminish it. I would love if I could drop cool exotic dances, ships, shaders and whatnot not only from the Illuminated Engrams but also from Exotic and Legendary ones. Is Curse of Osiris worth it? Iif you love Destiny 2 like I do and want to have more to see, do, find, explore, yeah it’s totally worth it.

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dennigo400d ago

i'm a destiny player, i would have said fan but they lost me, this expansion is f**king crap, the amount of content is laughable the fact that they're charging money for this is a huge problem. and it's not just me everyone agrees even the damn mainstream reviewers agree (you know the ones that usually justify everything so they still get review copies)
this is one review by a fanboy who does not sees shit when it's right in front of him. I hope you got paid

Neonridr400d ago

I am a day one D1 player. Logged well over 1000 hours in that game. Day one D2 player as well. My interest level has dropped huge with this game. I think I am wising up. So many other actual good games to play right now that my time seems to be diverting away from Destiny.

It's another one of those situations where they drip feed us a bit of content. Us hardcore destiny players pour over it for like a week. Then we are left with nothing to do again for a few months..

400d ago
maybelovehate400d ago

Agreed. Having a lot of fun with it so far. When I first heard about the Raid Lair I was a bit disappointing it wouldn't be a full Raid but now that I have actually gone through it, I am very impressed. It is the best boss arena Destiny has ever created. Worth the price of admission alone. And Laser Tag week will go down in Destiny Lore haha. The Infinite Forest was exactly what I was expecting. The heroics will be a fun diversion every week. More to do is always good.

bluefox755400d ago

Seems like the reception for this was less than warm. Sitting at 53 on metacritic, with a 1.5 user score.

InTheZoneAC400d ago

The taken king must've received a 29/10 based on this review

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