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The newest Quantic Dream game is a visual feat but is utterly baffling in terms of story and action.

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TankCrossing364d ago

The very little I've seen of Detroit (the notorious father and child) definitely featured some signature David Cage dialogue. Hackneyed and clumsy.

I still enjoyed his previous games in spite of the flaws, and I'm really looking forward to Detroit too. It's not like the genre is ripe with games that have more nuanced writing.

freshslicepizza364d ago

"What followed is a fight scene that is a genuine mess of quick time events. A smattering of prompts appeared, one after the other, designed to allow Kara to duck and weave the father's attacks."

It appears we haven't moved the needle too far. Same old restrictions and unless they hire some writers I expect the same mess of a story too.

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OB1Biker364d ago

The bit you pasted sounds good to me.

CoinOrc364d ago

Heavy rain and Fahrenheit scored well with critics. Even beyond has its moments. Until dawn (a Quantic Dream-esque game) also scored well. If Detroit is anything like heavy rain, Fahrenheit, and until dawn, then it’ll be another great PS4 exclusive.

badz149363d ago

seriously, WTF is wrong with developers making games they want to make?? why is QD getting ridiculed for their choice of the type of game they want to make? Telltales has been making nothing but this type of game but people love them? I don't hear anybody crying about it but when QD is doing it...they get these ridiculous nitpickings?? is it because of Sony? WTF?

and now...THIS??

"Does Not Feel Quite Real"

it's a freaking video game! what a ridiculous standards that the Sony game makers need to comply to in the eye of journalist! this is stupid!

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T2X364d ago

If you temper your expectations, you'll probably enjoy it.

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Sm00thNinja364d ago

Great advice. If I expect it to be garbage I'll find a diamond in the rough. Smh

Elda364d ago

From the gameplay I saw at PSX Friday night,I'm definitely buying.

Relientk77364d ago

Yeah, the PSX demo made me want it more.

Elda364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Me & a friend was watching Friday night & we were reacting just like the fans at the demo showing,after it was over we both said a day one buy!!

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bolimekurac363d ago

is there any gameplay or is it a another telltale type game with qte through the whole game, if so then its just a qte game and those games are not games

Elda363d ago

Whatever you say,check out the latest gameplay trailer at PSX.It's some really good stuff!

bolimekurac362d ago

i just watched the psx detroit human gameplay, its a qte fest all the way, looks good though but yeah its a qte game

bolimekurac362d ago

this is a wierd one for me, personally i dont mind qte games, and from what i watched its all qte with some other elements of walking qte choices. its just a little hard for me to take anyone here seriously. Everyone went crazy for a kojima movie with no gameplay, claiming it the next big thing but it is kojima so there is ahigh chance his game will be good with a high chance its just a wierd game that might be awesome or might not be, cool. but this game detroit, everyone here is going crazy claiming its awesome, everyone loves it, qte is cool but i also remember when any game that came out on xbox like ryse that only had qte during the end of fights and everyone here said they hate qte. thats just one example. so is qte events cool now or only when sony does it in the whole game.

Prince_TFK364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I hope this will be another Heavy Rain/Fahrenheit and not another Beyond Two Soul. I love QD and I wish them to succeed.

_-EDMIX-_363d ago

I actually liked Beyond Two Souls not as much as heavy rain but I thought it was pretty good.

The_Sage363d ago

I liked Beyond Two Souls. Playing to player as Aiden with my wife was a lot of fun.

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