Dreams for PS4 is the ultimate creation engine - PlayStation Universe

From PlayStation Universe: "Our Dreams PS4 preview covers the story, the tools, and the incredible depth that makes Media Molecule's latest the ultimate creation engine."

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UltraNova403d ago

This is going to be insane...I can't even begin to imagine what certain, very creative people are going to produce with this game. Its basically a full on game engine but brought to the next level with all assets you can ask for available and the most simplistic user creation tools ever!

I'm curious to see experienced PC moders use it!

Eonjay403d ago

Not moders but 3D designers. I hope they implement the VR/move creation tool that ND was using. I also want coop creation sessions so teams can build worlds faster.

TankCrossing403d ago

Can users monetise their creations in any way?

Frinker403d ago

I'd love to make bank through this game

TankCrossing403d ago

So would I.

Roblox does it, and that has a huge following. Dreams could definitely take a leaf out of that book if Sony want to take it that way, and I'd be very willing to invest my time into it if there was a shot at remuneration.

C-H-E-F403d ago

I was actually wondering this, because if you make a dream that you keep adding content to, to the point that it becomes a fully fledged game within the game, i'd like for us to be compensated for it. However, if that were to happen everyone would be trying to sell their Dream in Dreams so that causes another issue. lOl

403d ago
neocores8055403d ago

TBH.... I cant wait for this... I loved LBP playing other people lvls and what not. This looks like it could be HUGE!!!!!!!!! Even though i am not that creative of a person i always wanted to make an RPG and if this allows me to that would be amazing... Think about it guys we can get HORROR games.. Maybe a Silent Hill Fan made in this.. Man i cant wait to hear more.

TankCrossing403d ago

I'm glad Sony see the potential in this kind of endeavor, and are willing to put their weight behind it. I still think Microsoft were fools for shutting down Project Spark.

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The story is too old to be commented.