Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection revealed

Capcom has announced Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

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masterfox365d ago

Definitely getting this for my PS4, the best controller for fighting games DS4!!

darthv72365d ago

Enjoy it Masterfox. I too will be getting it but I have a nice fighting stick for the xbo that would be perfect for this.

naruga364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

i hope Capcom to include the original first SF3 version --> New Generation ...which except Arcades and Dreamcast never appeared anywhere else ...(and yes i know about the later versions of Double Impact etc which eventually appeared n some collections ) matter the content definately a must buy

ColonelHugh364d ago

New Generation is in this collection, but it won't be one of the online games.

G20WLY364d ago

Well yes, it's up to you to type your opinion, he can't very well do it for you 😉

Neonridr364d ago

@G20WLY - it was more because his post made it seem like it was a fact that the DS4 is the best controller for fighting.

DwightSchrute01364d ago

Lol funny joke. It has no d pad. It's the Worst for fighting games if anything.

Stogz364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

? Makes no sense ps4 has the best dpad for fighting games. Altho I can't be sure about the switch one as I've never used it.

CorndogBurglar364d ago

If you are using the d-pad in fighting games you're doing it wrong.

DwightSchrute01364d ago

Ps4 doesn't have a d pad much like the joy cons on the switch.
That's why a lot of people play with the pro controller instead.

@Corndogburglar is that a challenge? I would whoop your ass using the d pad.

RommyReigns364d ago

The PSVita D-Pad was awesome for fighting games

bloop364d ago

I'll take that challenge too CorndogBurglar. Top 100 ranked SF2 on Xbox live all with a regular 360 controller. I'd take a d pad over a stick for fighting games any day.

BlaqMagiq1364d ago


I got SFV, T7, GGXrd REV2, BBCF, KoF14, and MvCI. I'll take your ass out with the DS4 dpad.

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Apex13364d ago

😂😂 you’re having a laugh right? The controller is nice but comes out too wide and is not nice to hold for such games.

DwightSchrute01364d ago

If you have midget hands yh but for full grown adult hands it fits perfect. Lol

Apex13361d ago

@DwightSChrute01 lol the hands are fine but the horizontal measurement of the pad is a tad off for me. It doesn’t feel as nice as something like the Xbox controller that feels you really have a good and comfortable hold.

Bleucrunch364d ago

@Masterfox you are CORRECT that DS4 is the best for fighting games. That dpad is just ergonomically correct for that kind of game. There are folks that will disagree but its just backed by science. I think I will get it for the ps4 and the switch. I would love to play that while on the train heading to work in the mornings.

That would be an awesome way to release stress and center myself before going into the office.

darthv72364d ago

If you were going to use any game pad for a fighting game then the best one would have to be the Sega Saturn pad (the 2nd release not the 1st in the US). The pad itself is solid and the button layout is perfect for the 6 button fighters (like SF). It is so good, in fact, that Sega released it for the PC as well as the PS.

ColonelHugh364d ago

You have a point there. I'd still argue Dualshock for 4 button fighters like MK.

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stonecold3365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

I will buy it has all my favourite street fighter games in this collection

kayoss364d ago

Where is puzzle fighter?

Veneno364d ago

Which is why its called the Street fighter collection and not the Puzzle fighter collection .

Mr Marvel364d ago

PF doesn’t belong in a SF Collection as it’s not a Street Fighter game.

That’s like adding a Resident Evil, MvC or Mega Man game in there.

Automatic79365d ago

Picking this collection up on the Xbox One X. Love the classic Street fighter games.

Majin-vegeta365d ago

Cant wait to kick some arse on PS4 :D

PhoenixUp365d ago

Capcom should release a collection of their Marvel vs series next which would include X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, & Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Majin-vegeta364d ago

I could see licensing issues normally...but there's rumors that Disney is in talks to buy Fox so it would probably get sorted out quickly.

jaymacx364d ago

This may happen after Disney buys Fox

nicsaysdie364d ago

I hope they're listening. I would buy it in a sec.

PhoenixUp364d ago

@ Majin

There are no licensing issues. Fox never had videogame rights to X-Men and Fanastic Four. Just look at how they were easily included in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Only reason they were neglected from being in MvC:I cuz they wanted to promote MCU which is why that title flopped. It nixed various longtime fan favorite characters and I doubt Capcom would repeat the same thing.

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