Nioh vs. Dark Souls – Which Punishing Game Reigns Supreme?

Dark Souls’ style of gameplay has become a genre of its own. Where does Nioh fit in this, and does it do enough to distinguish itself from its predecessor?

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gangsta_red313d ago

Dark Souls by light years. The settings and different enemy types alone make the Dark Souls games way ahead of Nioh.

Nioh had extremely bland environments and the same enemies through out the first few stages and imo was a boring game.

Dark Souls, especially part one was just a masterpiece through and through from the setting, music and design.

P_Bomb313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Disagree. Nioh boring?? Literally never heard that before.

Platinumed it so needless to say I got past more than just the first few stages. Some crazy handicap boss battles in there. Gameplay was fantastic, way more flexible with play styles.

Story motivation was lacking, but the environments pick up as you go. Forests, caves, castles, villages, valleys, day ‘n’ night lvls. Same as many games. Not as intricately designed as BB, but still atmospheric in its own feudal way.

Vegamyster313d ago

I enjoy the Nioh's combat more but it's level design, exploration & enemy variety isn't nearly as good.

Zarock312d ago

Nioh was my first souls game and I found It much harder than dark souls and bloodborne.

Blastoise313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Bloodborne is better than both imo

fenome313d ago

I completely agree. Nioh is a great game in its own right but playing it after playing Bloodborne just makes me want a Bloodborne sequel even more.

nitus10313d ago

While a Bloodborne 2 may be on the cards I personally would prefer a new IP based on the Lovecraftian Mythos. No matter what new game we do get from "From Software" I hope the framerate is a steady 60 fps. With Bloodborne, the framerate was predominately 30fps but on occasion (eg The Lecture Building) it became a slide show. Fortunately, this type of stuttering rarely happened.

Damthatsword313d ago

Agreed to everything you said about nioh. The combat is its only virtue to be frank. Although my fav soulsborne game is bloodborne, dark souls 1 and 3 are tied to me.

I find myself leaning towards ds3 more for how much better the bosses and enemies are, not to mention a MUCH better latter half than 1. I also love ds3s music slightly more but ds1 is the absolute master in whole-world level design and npcs, and music placement maybe? This discussion is subjective anyway.

Alas, No matter what, i will never forget going to the store out of boredom and buying ds1 because i liked the cover art. Amazingly, it was a day after it released. I did not know ANYTHING about demons souls, and it turned out to be one of the top 5 gaming experiences ive ever had. It truly is a complete masterpiece.

And ofcourse, like anyone who went hollow, right after finishing dark souls, i heard about demons souls and immediately ordered it.

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

Just beat Evil Within 2 on nightmare mode, and I'm definitely wanting to get back into bloodborne and complete it

fenome313d ago


I still need to play the evil within 2, I just downloaded the demo or trial or whatever the other day but haven't tried it yet because of the monster hunter beta (crazy work schedule is not helping right now!).

I meant to pick that up on release but life happens.

Edito313d ago

I think Nioh and Bloodborne are essentially different games... I'm enjoying more Nioh than i enjoyed bloodborne not because Nioh it's better but because it's more of my type, Samuray etc. i like it more.

bluebenjamin312d ago

is it really?I have bloodbourne but I m still at the begining dont really like the game but Nioh looks cool

cyber_daemonx312d ago

Still the best new ip this gen.

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Paytaa313d ago

Nioh set a very very nice foundation for an inevitable sequel, but when it comes to atmosphere and enemy design, Souls and Bloodborne win by a landslide. Gameplay could be argued for either in my opinion.

My biggest gripe with Nioh despite it being a contender for my personal GOTY, was how after Act 2 or 3 you basically encountered every enemy type in the base game with a lot of hours left until you reach end game.

IMO Nioh is without a doubt the best Soulsborne game that isn't a From Soft game. It has the best of core Souls mechanics with a loot like system you'd find in Diablo while featured in a feudal Japan setting that is something I love as it's very aesthetically pleasing.

Bloodborne is still the GOAT for Souls-like games imo. Need to continue my NG+ playthrough.

bluefox755313d ago

I think it's better to compare the first game in a new IP to the first game in a new IP. Dark Souls 1 made a bigger impact to be sure, but Nioh was undoubtedly more polished at release.

sk8ofmnd313d ago

Nioh came years after dark souls 1 when it was a new ip. Theres so much that can be learned from making a souls like game... But if you compare nioh to bloodborne theres no contest... Def looking forward to nioh and bloodborne 2

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