How today's games could look and run better on future consoles

Notice how many games are using dynamic resolution scaling and/or TAA these days? Assassin's Creed Origins, Call of Duty WW2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Wolfenstein 2... it's virtually every major release. This has profound implications for next-gen back-compat, as Xbox One X has already demonstrated in this console generation. Today's games are being built to scale across a range of hardware - and that could possibly extend to the consoles of tomorrow. Rich explains all.

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ShottyatLaw401d ago

This is how AAA continues to thrive. I know the inevitable critique is that gaming will be held back. Its bloated budgets and thin margins are doing that right now. Extend the user bases, and we will get more than the annual blockbusters with the occassional risk thrown in.

I've waited for this type of forward-thinking for generations now. Hopefully it's not just MS going this direction.

This is good for console gamers, devs, and pubs. Buy the hardware you can afford, but play the same core games. I would encourage any naysayers to spend a day in a game store and listen to the kids or their parents who come in and are told, "sorry, that new game doesn't work with your old system." To the generation coming up, that type of limitation flies in the face of every other piece of tech they've grown up with.

If you can't empathize, good for you. For the rest of us, there's no reason console gaming should remain in an archaic walled-ecosystem that we don't see anywhere else. Again, it benefits everyone.

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MS have said they want your games to go with you. Maybe Sony haven't, but is it safe to assume that if Devs are making them dynamic (that's if they are for PS4) now, that they will/should run better on next gen?

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If the ps5 has bc then the only big advantage the Xbox has over them will be gone

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Yes, because this is one of the main concerns I have when I hear details and a new console, how it can play my old games.......

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