Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris is a wasted opportunity for Bungie to explore its extensive lore

The Curse of Osiris includes a concept that's wasted on such a meagre campaign.

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maybelovehate316d ago

The lore is all there on the Lore Tabs etc. If you are too lazy to read Byf does an awesome job of explaining it all

rezzah315d ago

Yea, a youtuber does Destiny lore better than Bungie the creator or Destiny.

maybelovehate315d ago

It's not his lore, it is Bungie's. But yeah, he does an awesome job talking about and explaining it all

cheeko315d ago Show
HyperMouse315d ago

it never explained the lore much at all, why you would have extensive lore and not include it in the game is beyond me, even if they had a library i could go and look things up in game etc would be better than what they have.

Italiano1234567315d ago

Agreed Mercury is the smallest planet ever it's terrible all the DLCs have been terrible accept the taken King and Rise of iron they need to get their s*** together I'm pissed I even bought this DLC as much as I love destiny they seem to disappoint me all the time

coolbeans315d ago

You may as well expand that to...all of Destiny (base game + expansions).