Fanart Sunday: Breath of the Wild Companion by EternaLegend

In this week's Fanart Sunday, we feature "Breath of the Wild Companion by EternaLegend", a very talented artist, in order to celebrate Zelda winning GOTY.

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guywazeldatatt315d ago

EternaLegend is so good. I love her art so much.

Congrats Breath of the Wild! You deserve it!

TheSuperior 315d ago

Wow this is impressive I'd love to have this on my wall

guywazeldatatt315d ago

this is another one of EternaLegend's you see everywhere that people think is official artwork so they use it on their site, lol:


guywazeldatatt314d ago

Janice is a personal friend of mine so that's partially why I post her stuff to promote it. We worked at Zelda Universe together and she's a dear friend. But the real reason is her art is incredible. There was a piece that would have been PERFECT for this week's feature, but it's not finished yet. :(

Next week though, or this week in a few days she's finishing a SW piece. So. That's actually what I wanted initially. This one's a little old, but, it's still incredible so whatever. I like to highlight the fanart community and it's all what my site is about, video game culture.