Gaming’s future is and has always been massively multiplayer

GB: "It’s the end of 2017 and World of Warcraft still dominates the western hemisphere as the most popular massively multiplayer role-playing game on the planet – 13 years after its initial launch. While there are a few stalwarts (Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, and even Star Wars: The Old Republic), the MMORPG hasn’t seen a true hit since the year Azeroth broke the Internet. And yet, as editor of and, I’m here to tell you that the genre isn’t dead. It’s the future. It’s the always. The MMO is all around us…you just can’t see it anymore."

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bigmalky403d ago

Not really. I was an MMO junkie for years, but developers are too easily pushed into making them soloable and effectively killed guilds and grouping with random dungeon party finders.

I still prefer a storied single player game, always have and until someone can deliver a new Star Wars Galaxies experience, something that truly pushes teamwork, community and non-toxic grouping, MMOs are pretty much dead.

403d ago
Sokol403d ago

If anything MMOs are a dieing breed. Everything is free to play and the old days of proper guilds, teamwork and research are long gone.
Developers are focused on solo content mostly.

DillyDilly403d ago

Nope this will just cause a Video Game crash if Single Player RPGs become a thing of the past

Ittoittosai403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

MMO is no longer the future. In the late 90's early 00's its all anyone talked about; Dark Ages of Camlot, Ultima Online, and WoW those games were great but as almost every MMO is a clustered mess of trying to be Solo while trying to promote guilds/clans and pump MT in your face its a dieing genre.

I believe Online Co-Op is the wave of the future. Games with strong story based narratives that can be shared with a few friends in a closed world.

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