Game of the Year 2017: #6 Persona 5

Polygon: "So while Persona 5 is still contains the utterly fantastical — grotesque monsters, a dark alternate dimension and a talking cat bus — it’s still something I could heartily recommend to anyone, with any gaming background. One-hundred-and-twenty-five hours later, and Persona 5 had snuck, thief-like, into my heart changing how I forever felt about games like it."

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Snookies12338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Anyone badmouthing Persona 5 clearly never played it. Plain and simple. It's cool if it's not your style, but there is no denying that it's an incredible game.

GamesMaster1982337d ago

That is totally untrue. I played about 5ish hours but simply could not get into it. Guess it's just not my type of game. You do realize not everyone likes what you like, everyone has and are entitled to their own opinion. So don't assume because people like me who just can't get into it has not even played it.

notachance336d ago

lol five hours, that's not even the core gameplay yet

AndreR336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

i have played for 12 hours and the story is good but the gameplay between cutscenes is awful.When you are walking around trying to find where to go next. THAT is what destroys the game for me. Final fantasy XV is a much better game overall. persona 5 feels so old and dated. But then i love open world games. and persona 5 is so limited where you can go. if they did a open world where you could go anywhere and climb everything. and everyone had real voice audio. not just sometimes. then this game would be soooo much better.

OnionThief336d ago

@AndreR Open world would be a terrible direction for the series, the whole "go anywhere and climb everything" gimmick quickly loses its charm when you realise you've traded a uniquely hand crafted experience over fields of nothingness to pad out the world. Persona 5's dungeon design trumps Persona 3's Tartarus and Persona 4's shadow world, and it's the right step in the series.

I will be one of the first to tell you Persona 5's story isn't great, however the gameplay isn't awful nor is it old and dated. After all not every RPG needs to be an action RPG a la Kingdom Hearts and it's nice to see turn based battles like the older Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia and Shin Megami Tensei series live on with a modern twist. Combat is fluid, giving plenty of freedom and offering a nice amount of depth to both play and not offer too much of a challenge. I like challenge, but for that I'd see games like The Last Remnant.
In fact, as a long term JRPG and conventional RPG fan it's the whole open world action RPG combat system that is turning me off modern RPG releases. The only game series i've actually felt that has clicked with me are ones that had their roots in this gameplay style like Ys.

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Elda336d ago

I second that emotion.

Prince_TFK336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

This is a very great game which totally deserves to be GOTY. However, the game is abit boring toward the end as its formula start to wear thin after the second dungeon. There just isn’t enough variety to the game, story-wise. To me it is a small step down from the great Persona 4.

In spite of that, this is still a very great game that deserves to be played by more people.

AndreR336d ago

it feels like an OK anime trying to be a game.

bluefox755336d ago

It's a fantastic game, and my personal GOTY, but there is literally no game that will appeal to everyone.

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Relientk77336d ago

This game is an absolute masterpiece. My GOTY

Elda336d ago

The best JRPG this gen,once I finish my backlog of games which won't be until sometime next year I'm going to play P5 again.

Protagonist336d ago

210 hours on my first playtrough makes it my game of the year. I just did not want it to end.

Lovable336d ago

Nothing comes close to this masterpiece. Best JRPG this gen hands down

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